Eco Emmy Beauty


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By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

Last night’s Emmy Awards dazzled with head-to-toe glam on some of Hollywood’s most exclusive celebs. For the rest of us, here’s how to achieve three of the looks for half the price and without the nasty chemicals, using eco-conscience brands such as Contesta Rock Hair and Ecco Bella.

LASHES: Prep your lashes for the event with Plume Science, an organic eyelash + brow serum that has proven to increase growth and strengthen lashes in 6-8 week of use. Simple application requires users brush the serum over lash lines and eyebrows once in the morning and once before bed for full, healthy results.


HAIR: Emily’s hair is slicker than a snicker with a sharp part on to the side. For a similar look, finger-comb Contesta Rock Hair’s Molding Paste through hair before gathering it into a ponytail. The Molding Paste provides a strong hold with a glossy finish.

FACE: Add some striking detail to your beauty look with Ecco Bella’s violet eyeliner pencil and neutral camel eyeshadow. Seal the look with a light pink lip that will keep you colorful yet traditional.


HAIR: For an up-do similar to Olivia Culpo’s, amp up the heigh with Contesta’s volumizing powder. Sprinkle some of this magical substance in the roots and break up with fingers until it’s completely dissolved.

FACE: Recreate this monochrome glowing look with Ecco Bella’s fawn eyeshadow, sunflower bronzer, and almond lipstick for a hint of color and shine.


HAIR: Get Taraji’s sexy waves with Contesta’s curling milk which can be applied while hair is wet and left in to dry, no need to rinse. Once hair is dry, finish off by spritzing strands with Contesta’s Saltiness Spray, ideal for texturizing and volumizing.

FACE: Master this bold cat eye look with Ecco Bella’s royal blue eyeliner pencil, sapphire and galaxy eyeshadow, and peace lip gloss

These Boots Are Made For Walking.


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screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-9-26-26-amBy Star Noor, Features Editor

In life, we are but stories contrived of the decisions we make, and those which are made for us that propel us into what we humans call fate. Like any other human story, Kat Mendenhall’s eventual plunge into a new found career as a shoe designer with a conscious, and vegan eats guru, was like many other stories, serendipitous.


For her, as fate would have it, her longstanding successful career as a telecommunications professional which had allowed her to raise and educate her daughter, became unfulfilling. She explains that as an empty nester, “I was finally in a position to make a change. I wasn’t exactly sure what that change would look like but I set out to find it…I was able to discover a few hidden passions that evolved into my new career. My advice for others would be: do what you have to do to pay the bills, but on the side work on the thing that sets your soul on fire. No one deserves to be stuck on an unfulfilling career path.”

This introspection, combined with extended education brought Kat to designing Western style boots, with all the flair and personality of the designer herself, and true to form she spares no detail or weight to quality. She is particular about the degree of costumer satisfaction she delivers to her clients, as she feels that is as important as the carbon footprint her company leaves while delivering high quality at comfortable prices products.


She states, “We put a lot of effort in making our boots as sustainable as possible. The material itself is a high technology “polyurethane” and synthetic based material that contains no PVC; there is no off-gassing in the production. The USA facility where it is produced uses solar power, emissions control and energy reclamation systems, water based production, and power saver lighting. In addition to the material, our other components such as plastic or cardboard are used from recycled material. Our workshop located in El Paso, Texas is a small privately owned shop, not a production factory.”

In her business model, as well as her lifestyle she feels that:

Choosing a vegan lifestyle is also better for the environment. Factory farming is a huge contributor of waste and greenhouse gasses, which pollute our land, air, and water and contribute to climate change. Our land and trees are being destroyed solely for the sake of raising cattle. Lastly, we can no longer turn our eyes away from the unnecessary cruelty that exists towards the animals for the production of meat, dairy, and eggs. Most people have no idea about the severity of cruelty that exist and do not want to know. If they knew, then they’d have to deal with their conscious for being a contributor to such cruelty by consuming animal products. We do have a choice though, that choice is to reduce or eliminate animal products from your diet and eventually your clothes and shoes too. We know that animals are smart soulful creatures that feel pain and have friendships and companions just like humans. It doesn’t make sense to love one and eat the other.


To some, this might be opinion hard to swallow, until Kat further explains the health reasons why her chosen path might be a better option for others as well, “Choosing a vegan lifestyle has so many positive benefits that can’t be ignored. Research has proven that consuming a diet of whole plant-based foods has tremendous health benefits. It has the ability to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, which studies show can all be food-borne related.”   She goes on, “In addition, obesity is a risk factor contributing to these illnesses and studies show that people that consume a vegan diet vs. a diet in meat and dairy typically weigh less. America is getting sicker; we need to reverse our mentality to choose plants over pills.”


Regardless of how you feel about her life motto, one thing is for certain, leaving a lower carbon footprint and consuming more sustainable materials than less is better for the world as a whole, and that includes you. Beautifully crafted and durable to last you more than one season, Kat Mendenhall boots are a stylish addition to any wardrobe coast-to-coast. These boots are made for walking!



Intelligent Beauty.


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By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief


For the last two decades Ecco Bella have been creating breakthrough and clean formulas in skincare and cosmetics, launching under the guidance of CEO, Sally Malanga, who was driven by a passion for sustainable living. Continuing to break boundaries, Malanga and Ecco Bella have now partnered with Hollywood royalty’s go-to health and fitness guru, Tracy Anderson, innovator of the Tracy Anderson Method.


Having honed and perfected celebrity bodies including Christy Turlington, Molly Sims, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Aniston, and Madonna, Anderson is now setting a new standard in beauty that celebrates the spirit of a healthy body and healthy world. Becoming the face of Ecco Bella, she joins Malanga in a new movement, Intelligent Beauty, with a focus on creating pure beauty products with a commitment to social responsibility, effective clean ingredients, and the environment.

Intelligent Beauty is an innovative approach to how women view themselves and their impact in the world. Ecco Bella and Anderson’s focus is on empowering women to boost their self-esteem while maintaining healthy, fulfilling lifestyles.


Anderson says, “When I met Sally, her philosophy of speaking out for social causes and her gratitude to the natural world for our beauty and well- being, made me want to unite my fitness philosophy with her beauty vision. Sally is an advocate for nature and that’s what makes her the beauty industry’s best kept secret.”

“Every small purchase and decision we each make about what we use on our bodies or what we eat, affects not only us, but the entire planet,” Malanga shared.

“I believe in the vital need to get back to nature as much as possible with beauty. I also believe strongly in the feminine power to be expressive and artistic with make up,” explained Anderson.

tracy-anderson-for-ecco-bella-push-the-envelope-prAnderson and Malanga created the Discover Intelligent Beauty movement to ignite a revolution, helping women to discover innovative ways to beautify themselves and learn how being an Intelligent Beauty is easy on the planet. Now that’s what we call intelligent beauty.


A Passage To India.


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By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

One of Aman Resort’s two stunning, Indian properties, the award-winning Aman-i-Khás, is located in Rasjasthan, set in a rugged brushwood forest on the edge of Ranthambore National Park.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-12-14-17-amHome to tigers, crocodiles, leopards, jackals, sambar deer and some 300 species of bird, the park is also the setting for Ranthambore Fort, one of India’s oldest, dotted with Hindu temples, former palaces and reservoirs.

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-9-18-09-pmOnce the hunting ground of the Maharajah of Jaipur, the park has been a wildlife sanctuary since 1955 and is one of the best places to see tigers in the wild, with newborn cubs being spotted in 2015 increasing the population to over 60. Aman-i-Khás offers exhilarating, twice daily, tiger-tracking safaris in open-top vehicles, relaxed camel safaris through local villages, and bird-watching treks in the lush Banas riverbed.


A Mughal-style tented camp, the 10 air-conditioned accommodations echo Mughal pavilions with cotton drapes separating sleeping, dressing and bathing sections. Overlooking a beautiful landscape that is home to abundant wildlife, the private Tents offer soaring living spaces decorated with classic furnishings.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-12-04-32-amHarking back to the regal tent cities of Mughal emperors, the lamp-lit Dining Tent features a large communal round table and smaller intimate tables, and offers both Western and Indian cuisine.


Meals can be tailored to suit your tastes, with the daily changing menu reflecting seasonal produce sourced from the camp’s organic garden. A picnic hamper on safari or a private bush dinner in a secluded spot with a private chef and local musicians are extraordinary experiences, as is an after-dinner cocktail at the camp fireplace, soaking in the serenity of the wilderness and the star-filled sky.


The Spa’s two treatment rooms offer holistic therapies including traditional Ayurvedic treatments alongside massages, Reiki, scrubs, wraps and baths. Group and private outdoor yoga sessions are offered in a range of styles at isolated spots within the Rajasthani wilderness to encourage peace and unity. After yoga, soak in an aromatic bath made with herbs from the organic garden, in the comfort of your own tent, or relax pool side taking in the beautiful view.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.26.32 AM.png

As anyone who has ever stayed in an Aman resort knows, a stay with this luxury hotel group is always an enchanting experience of wellness, tranquility and soulful exploration. Aman-i-Khás is no exception, and is a peaceful retreat connected with both history and nature, that will soothe, delight, and revitalize body, mind, and soul.






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screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-3-29-11-pmBy Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

On Saturday evening during NYFW, a bevy of the world’s most beautiful girls turned out to support the Knotonmyplanet campaign launch, according to

Models including Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell, Doutzen Kroes, Emily Ratajkowski, Joan Smalls, Martha Hunt, Sara Sampaio and Jasmine Tookes showed their support for the campaign, which aims to prevent the slaughter of elephants.


Knotonmyplanet’s passionate spokesperson, Doutzen, who recently visited Kenya, told Vanity Fair, ‘We have to raise awareness that ivory should not be a product anymore. It’s something that should be looked at that is disgusting.’

‘Elephants are being slaughtered just for that, just for their tusks, and just being left. It’s such a sad thing to see and to even think about.’


She urged friends to pledge their support by tying knots in photos and videos on their social media platforms, and spread awareness of the Elephant Crisis Fund.

Models such as Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, Candice Swanepoel, Emily Ratajkowski, Cara Delevingne and Adriana Lima have already participated with Emily posting on her Instagram: ‘30,000 elephants slaughtered in a year? #knotonmyplanet. Please go online now to to donate and share an image of YOU tying your knot.’



The original 90’s “supers,” Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell have also joined the campaign, posing for #knotonmyplanet and Patrick Demarchelier by posing reunited, wrapped in a big bow.


#knotonmyplanet is a campaign to support the Elephant Crisis Fund, encouraging us all to tie a knot and share to raise awareness of elephant poaching. 100% of every donation supports a coalition of vetted organizations focused on one goal: to Save Elephants Now.



Fall Into Fashion.


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By Ali Levine, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist.

A lot has changed with brands, designers, and fashion over all. The ever-changing world looks to social media to form opinions and revolutions. Who wouldn’t want a brand that speaks for what they stand for, and their ethics? This Fall fashion gives back with these amazing brands who share the same passion for fashion as well as our communities! Sometimes you feel a little delicate and so does our planet. This is what I call the “Paperdoll,” (build an outfit):

Lur Aphrodite Rope Scarf: $35

“Lur, the brand that creates products from 100% recycled materials, gives back to the communities where we work and pays fair wages to those who make our clothing.” This scarf is layers of recycled tees making it a conversation piece that’s sure to turn heads. This scarf is essential to taking any outfit and giving it an extra laid-back, earthy, chill boost.


Reformation Janessa Leone Clay Hat: $150

A heart-felt hat to add the perfect gypsy flair to any fall look!

Toms Black Suede and Dotted Wool Leila Booties: $98

Toms, a popular name in the giving back. TOMS offers brand new, made-to-order shoes in a variety of styles to meet the needs of the children our Giving Partners serve.
These tasseled and dotted booties are trendy new shoe for Fall 2016!

Lovethirteen Golden Rutilated Quartz with Large Topaz Quartz Pendant: $350

Lovethirteen’s message implicates passion and positivity, “Each bead and pendant is intended to foster and inspire spiritual growth, while the chains serve as a playful reminder of life’s hard edges.” This handmade piece is just the touch this Fall look needs!


Reformation Blossom Dress: $98

Reformation, a brand that uses sustainable fabrics and vintage elements while diverting green throughout their supply chain and creates beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. Reformation set a trend with it’s innovative ideas and classic looks. This LBD is thinking green this Fall! From the unique neckline to the knitted buttons this look captures a flirtatious and flawless little black dress!


Reformation Tankar Cardigan: $398

This open front fly away is layers of Eco-friendly fashion and of environmental awareness.

 Feature Image Credit:
Model, Emily Ratajkowski
Photography by Jeff Fiterman for Coco Eco Magazine
Make Up by Julianne Kaye

Being Eco-Land.


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By Star Noor, Features Editor

Fast fashion has come into our world of consumerism and has quickly taken ahold with our everyday practice of buy more, save more – a mantra that first began with the high savings super-stores that bring the global market to everyone’s doorstep with seemingly affordable prices for everything under the sun – a practice that soon became a part of the fashion world in order to bring a seasonal, trend driven market to every household, enticing fashionistas everywhere to buy, buy, buy!

A trend to let us keep up with the trends soon became the rising star and nearly everyone bought in. Giant bags of low-priced and often on-clearance styles (due to mass turnover and over-production) left giant storefronts in enthusiastic march to become closet-clutter-mashups compiled of everything the owners forgot they ever had, thanks to over-consumerism. These were the first days when we started accepting low-craftsmanship, high industrial pollution, low humanitarian, ethical working standards, and a surge in consumption and waste production rates as acceptable norms. BUY MORE, WASTE MORE, BE MORE…WHATERVER THAT MEANS.

Fast fashion – once a downfall of fashion expressionism altogether due to misguided consumer demand and short-sighted shareholders, has now begun to transform into the new dawn of the style world; the forward progression of conscious-consumerism and ethical production practices of the 21st century which will undoubtedly change the way we see the face of fashion forever.

We have finally come to realize that the past mode of fashion is not only heavier on the collective wallet in the long-run but also far more damaging to our environment and poor working nations than we had been falsely led to believe. We have come to resist the pragmatism of the past eras and revolt against a set system (as we humans often love to do), and begin to reshape our world (in fashion or otherwise) in many creative and conscious ways. One example of this change is BeeZee EcoLand, a label that is aware of its impact in every aspect of their business practices, even at the cost of profitability. I recently chat with Bianca Zvorc Morris about her post-traumatic creation, unique and proactive rather than ‘cookie cutter’ and reactive in its model; an approach which lends to the brand’s very unique personality in many ways.

screen-shot-2016-08-30-at-11-53-37-amA brand that is truly noteworthy due to the wisdom and empathetic nature of its founder-designer, who above all else makes it her life’s mission to stay true to her ideals as an eco-preneur. In our discussions, the veteran PR executive turned designer and clean-living advocate had this to say:

Coco Eco: What brought you to BeeZee EcoLand?

bianca-zvorc-morrisBZM: While living in NYC in 2009 the economic crisis moved to the EU and a lot of women I know lost their jobs in the textile industry in my birth town in Slovenia. I wanted to do something more in tune with my general ethical convictions and start a project that would use all of my skills to help others and make this planet a better place for all of us. In 2010 we moved to Germany and I got a job in an advertising agency working as an AD/CD [advertising director/creative director for H&M, C&A and Zara. That was the first time I learned how “fast fashion” is toxic and harmful. I left my job and started focusing on BeeZee EcoLand, a project that is supporting three single mothers in Slovenia with earned income.

Coco Eco: Your business model is designed with growth projections purposefully mindful of your brand’s mission as geared towards your personal purpose; why did you choose this model for your brand?

All of my life I was interested in ecology and a healthy, compassionate lifestyle. I like to think global, but wanted to act local. My time on Earth is short so I want to help and make this planet better for all of us – especially the future generations that are inheriting what is unfortunately a truly sad planet. My biggest happiness in life (and a privilege) is to be able to help others – especially children, animals and nature. When I learned about the cruelty and dangers behind fast fashion I had to do something. The topic has received some, but unfortunately not nearly enough, attention in the media. Organic fabrics with the lowest carbon foot print do not cause sickness in people or wildlife with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, GMO seeds. Fair-trade where people get paid well and work in truly safe conditions were extremely important to me.  Only happy people can make clothes that are full of positive energy and love – I like to think they work as a protection shield in many ways for those who wear them.

Coco Eco: How much of an impact, in your opinion, does the dying process of textiles have on the environment?

BZM: The chemicals that we use to produce dyes are highly toxic, carcinogenic or even explosive! Chemical Aniline in AZO dyes are considered to be deadly poisons. Other harmful chemicals are dioxin (hormone disrupter), toxic heavy metals (chrome, zinc, copper…) and formaldehyde that is a carcinogen. They are dangerous for dye workers, cause environmental pollution around these facilities (dump water) [mainly] in underground water – many people in the undeveloped world even drink this kind of water – and the chemicals are not safe for those who wear these clothes – the final consumer! coco_eco_beezeeCoco Eco: Why did you choose Slovenia for your production?

BZM: After the economic melt-down made by Wall Street crushed the EU, things went bad and greedy individuals took advantage of the situation and set back the economy and spirit of Slovenia. My seamstresses were laid off from high quality textile factories employing thousands of people who made [high end] clothes. I wanted to give back to and help my people.

Coco Eco: What are some of the types of fabrics you use and why?

BZM: We carry fair-trade and organic certifications, and the coloring has to be either natural, water based or non-toxic, so the selection of fabrics is more narrow. Probably the most sustainable, versatile and incredibly beautiful is OFT Hemp – the magical central European traditional fabric my granny used to grow before plastics took over Europe – processed with modern machines and made into softer new fabrics.  I am also a huge fan of bamboo transparent fabrics and bamboo silks.


Coco Eco: What would you like to see more of in the fashion industry?

BZM: Actually, let me [use] some quotes [from Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney, respectively] that pretty much answer that question: “If you wear clothes that don’t suit you, you’re a fashion victim.” I am obsessed with that in my designing process. I love form and functionality, fashion for [the sake of] fashion drives me nuts. “I just use fashion as an excuse to talk about politics. Because I’m a fashion designer, it gives me a voice, which is really good.” In my case I use fashion to try and stop social and economic injustices, and to educate the masses. “People have never looked so ugly as they do today. We just consume far too much.” I despise fast fashion and what it does to people and our planet. Twelve tons of clothes are thrown in the garbage per year, in the USA alone! That is insane. “Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.” Even if you spend only $5 on something you buy, something good or something cruel, think before you buy. “As a designer, I like to work with fabrics that don’t bleed; that’s why I avoid all animal skins and parts.”  

Coco Eco: How important do you think it is for entrepreneurs to have a conscious perspective in their ventures?

BZM: In today’s dark times for our planet – wildlife destruction, deforestation, water shortages, over population, social injustices, climate change –  it should be EVERYBODY’S PRIORITY. Sadly, greed for profits and willful ignorance often dominate the fashion industry. We have only one planet that is dying fast and money will be worthless when our planet is a desert littered [and] toxic.


He’s A Soul Man.


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By Star Noor, Features Editor

He’s a Soul Man. A man who truly believes in the power of giving hope, and hope he gives to thousands of people all around the country, and the globe.

Many of us know the front-man Jon Bon Jovi from the 80’s rock and roll “hairband” Bon Jovi, or as an Oscar nominated actor in films such as Armageddon, Stand Up Guys, or Pain and Gain. His rock anthems have crossed decades and are virtually known the world over. He is by far one of the most celebrated and well-rounded legends of rock, but what’s interesting about him is what’s behind the scenes the sex, drugs, and rock and roll persona of his celebrity. What’s best about Jon is his can-do attitude and his giving nature.

Born John Francis Bongiovi Jr., it’s no secret Jon is a Jersey Boy. So it’s no surprise that much of what he has undertaken in his philanthropic endeavors focuses on the Northeast region of this country.

With his giving hands in many baskets, Jon and his wife Dorothea Bongiovi created and maintain the JBJ Soul Foundation, originally known as the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football League (AFL), which launched in 2004 and was founded by Bon Jovi and Craig A. Spencer, but underwent a name change in August of 2009 making it the current day organization. This is a foundation which focuses on “bringing about positive change and helping the lives of those in need ONE SOUL AT A TIME.

coco_eco_jon_bon_jovi_beat_centerThe foundation of their dedication is to help break the cycle of poverty and homelessness by combating “the issues which force families and individuals into economic despair.”

It is no wonder then, that this year Bon Jovi is set to be honored by the Clinton Foundation as the awardee of the Clinton Global Citizen Award on September 19th, 2016, marking a great year to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of JBJSF itself as well. Bon Jovi said, “There are so many wonderful causes and so many passionate people that are addressing them. We have been inspired by so many of our in-need neighbors who have come seeking help;” with Dorothea adding, “This is happening across our nation,” she said. “When there’s 15 percent of children going to be hungry at night in a nation like ours, that’s not an issue it takes a scientist to solve,” Bon Jovi concluded.

coco_eco_jbj_soul_kitchenCurrently, he and Dorothea are hard at work with several initiatives which aid and educate the public in the relief and prevention of poverty. Through the creation of JBJ Soul Kitchen and now the extended partnerships with the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, The Peoples Pantry and the David Tepper Charitable Foundation to provide $5 million in services to needy families in the B.E.A.T. (Bringing Everyone All Together) Center’s first year of operation. This partnership with local charities and fellow wealthy philanthropists to create B.E.A.T. has brought to the community a one stop hub for nutritional assistance, healthcare, and culinary related job training (opened in May of 2016 in Tom’s River, New Jersey). JBJ and team have successfully helped feed thousands of folks otherwise unable to provide nutritionally sound meals for themselves; in a shore town ravaged by Superstorm Sandy back in Oct. of 2012; a township still struggling to rebuild. However, the center was created to offset a need which according to Bon Jovi “predated” the storm’ wrath of destruction. In this place, an unfortunate one in five residences live in poverty, and the need for assistance is widespread and crippling.


JBJ Soul Kitchen is perhaps one of the most unique and inviting restaurants in the world. Their motto, ALL ARE WELCOME TO OUR TABLE, is truly withstanding. With 54, 653 meals served, and a menu lacking prices, the organization hopes to bring to all people good food, made well, and served with “dignity”. No other work can be better since we all know that without dignity, all else is likely lost. In this farm-to-table eatery instead of set cash commodity, patrons are asked to either make a minimum donation to cover the cost of their own meals or larger donations to help offset the cost of meals for those who can only enjoy sustainable nutrition through volunteering. Only one hour of volunteer time will cover each meal consumed per day, and volunteering can lead to qualifying for job training which is integral to combating poverty and plight. As of date only 40% of meals served are earned volunteer meals and 60% are paid with donations, showing the steadfast support the program is receiving from the communities in which it is organized. Dedicated to “eliminating hunger, building relationships, and celebrating community,” JBJ Soul Kitchen has two locations in Red Bank and Tom’s River New Jersey, serving hope with every three course American regional cuisine plated to the public. With special celebrity chefs like Mario Batali and Tom Colicchio, HOPE IS DELICIOUS!


Additionally, Bon Jovi is working to end homelessness through JBJ Soul Homes which has created subsidized low-income housing as far away as South Africa. Currently, in conjunction with Project H.O.M.E. and People for People Inc., JBJSH has donated $20 million to build a 55-unit permanent low-income housing for adults in Philadelphia, including units dedicated to young adults, all of which are fully furnished. This repurposed and modernized building not only helps provide housing for those in need, but also helps to revive a community and sustain a local charity with its 12,477 square feet of retail space leased to help support People for People Inc.

coco_eco_jbj_soul_homesAlongside being honored at the GCA, Bon Jovi will be also be performing, as well as Andrea Bocelli. “This House is Not for Sale”, Bon Jovi’s new album will be released October 21st of 2016, and promises a whole lot of soul.

Images courtesy of Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.

Labor Day Love.


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Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.10.16 PM

By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

It’s the last long weekend of summer, and friends and events beckon as we get ready to welcome fall. When choosing our wardrobe, we embrace fringe, tribal elements, and autumnal shades of grey, supporting brands that give back, and looking fabulous as we celebrate a little Labor Day love.


SeeMe Medium Heart On Rock Lariat Necklace – $235

Join the fashionable SeeMe #heartmovement with a necklace that supports female victims of violence, and trains and employs them while offering a safe haven. Wear one. Give one. Support one.

Henry & Belle Denim Cut Off Short Kedsie – $99

The much loved cut off that gives back. With every item sold, Henry & Belle let you select a charity and donates a portion of sales on your behalf. Now that’s a whole lot of give!

Brother Vellies Black Velitha Sandal – $625

Handmade in South Africa, Kenya and Morocco, Brother Vellies creates boots, shoes and sandals in styles that maintain the spirit and durability of their ancestral counterparts, while also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs.

Antik Batik Embroidered Cotton Blouse – $46

A favorite of celebs, this must-have brand hand makes each piece in their collection, supporting skilled artisans and honoring centuries old traditions.



Calleen Cordero Raja Snake Fringe Bag – $765

Handmade by skilled artists in North Hollywood, Cordero not only brings the Old World art of handmade artisan quality footwear, handbags and accessories back to the United States, two trees are also planted through Trees For the Future, for every piece sold.

Amaio Swim Dali Grey Bikini – Top – $130, Bottoms – $130

Partnered with The Thirst Project,  Amaio Swim donates company profits supporting efforts to provide solutions for the global water crisis, and clean drinking water for every human without.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.00.47 PM

Solo Eyewear Haiti – $62

Repurposed, espresso stained, bamboo temples contribute to funding eye care in the country they were named after. SOLO Eyewear create environmentally responsible sunglasses that fund eye care, encourage adventure and inspire individuals to change the world. #LiveandGive


Amy DiGregorio Porter Street Necklace – $160

Amy DiGregorio donates necklaces to charities throughout the year including Foundation To Be Named Later {FTBNL}, which raises funds and awareness for non-profit agencies, working on the front lines, serving disadvantaged youth in the Greater Boston area. Handmade in Santa Barbara, CA, with love.

Image Credit:

Photography by Jen Rosenstein

Model Carleen Laronn

Hair by Jonathan Mason

Make Up by Simon Rihana



Surf’s Up, Africa.


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Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.38.23 PM

By Sass Brown, NYC Editor

Inspired by Africa’s transition from being considered the ‘dark continent’ to the ‘bearer or light’, Bantu Wax was created to merge the rich history of African art and textiles with Africa’s deeply rooted surf culture. Using tales of the mermaid goddess of the ocean, Mami Wata, and a passion for surfing, the collection features rich, colorful prints and patterns for swimwear. Brilliant repeats, graphic patterns and floral motifs adorn the simple clean lines of the swimwear, using the swimsuit as a blank canvas to showcase the brilliance of African art.COCO_ECO_BANTU_WAXThe Bantu collection is made entirely in Africa by Africans. Making the collection sustainably and fairly is a founding principle of the brand. Bantu Wax are a symbol of the change in Africa, and one of a range of talented designers, artists and musicians finally coming to the attention of the world. An exuberance of chaotic, serenity, modern, urban, ancient, sacred, and sexy, the brand, much like Africa itself, will not be contained, pigeon holed or labeled!COCO_ECO_BANTU_WAX_SWIMSUITSBantu works with traditional processes with local vendors and artisans in Africa to make their quality swimwear and accessories for women and men. The collection appeals to the burgeoning number of Africans (over half a billion) under the age of twenty years of age. Africa is the future. The line is designed for authentic surfers, as well as urban nomads and afro-punks alike.COCO_ECO_BANTU_WAX_AFRICA