GIRL POWER . . . F/W 2016 

With a new female Prime Minister in Great Britain (their second), and the strong possibility of the United State’s first female Commander in Chief in November, this special edition of Coco Eco Magazine celebrates 2016 as The Year of the Woman. Featuring ladies who are paving the way for global change through industry, philanthropy, and entertainment, we embrace fabulous, feminine role models who live up to “Act Like A Lady, but Work Like A Boss!” With a very special cover girl, cutting-edge fashion and stunning beauty pictorials; eco-chic travel to Los Angeles, Panama and the Seychelles, and current news on global issues, we highlight those incredible individuals making our planet a better place, and how we as individuals can effortlessly grow and contribute to change.




Leading the crusade for a sensual revolution, Pamela Anderson embraces a kind and sexy life in her cover story shot at Return To Freedom Wild Horse Preserve & Sanctuary. In her candid interview, she shares her passion as an ambassador for animals, and discusses her new ventures as she merges veganism with fashion and food. This special edition is dedicated to conservation including stories on Orcas in captivity, endangered lions, our global water crisis, and the rainforest, and features Robert Redford, Hayden Panettiere, Kristin Davis, Dylan McDermott, and Petra Nemcova. F/W fashion story, CALL OF THE WILD, and a palette of mineral cosmetics in DOWN TO EARTH. highlight seasonal trends and new fashion and beauty products, while eco-chic travel visits Amsterdam, Costa Rica, and Nairobi. Plus a review of the BMW i8, and much more . . .
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GreenIsTheNewBlack.jpgGREEN IS THE NEW BLACK! S/S 2015

A statement and bold acclamation, and the perfect illustration of how the world is rapidly changing as sustainability incorporates effortlessly into our daily lives. Featuring Gina Rodriguez, Pharrell Williams, Miranda Kerr, Kristen Bell, and Adrian Grenier; Spring/summer fashion stories from New York City and Santa Barbara, CA; Key beauty looks and products for summer; Eco-chic travel to NYC, Italy, and Mexico; Current events including rhino poaching, water scarcity, and cyber hacking; A review of the BMW i3, and much more . . . .

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7604e-trashdTRASH’D! F/W 2014

In this edition we bring attention to the critical conversation regarding the overwhelming amount of trash being poured into the planet, and the people and organizations providing urgent yet simple solutions. Bill Maher waxes lyrical on the need for recycling; Also featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Alba and Jeremy Irons; An eco-couture party wardrobe shot against the backdrop of an electronic recycling plant, essential winter beauty tips and gorgeous holiday gift ideas; Eco-chic travel to Dubai, the Florida Keys, and La Jolla, CA; A review of the Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive, and much more . . .

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Our first print issue, EARTH ROCKS embraces a modern approach to eco-luxury, the modern day story of living sustainably. Highlighting a world of products, brands, and places all contributing to a better world, including; Andie MacDowell, Alicia Keys, Sir Richard Branson, Janelle Monae, Sting, Dame Vivienne Westwood, and Stella McCartney, Summer’s ultimate fashion and beauty trends; Eco-chic travel to Milan, Koh Samui, and Ojai; A review of the Cadillac ELR, and so much more . . .

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