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screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-11-51-05-amBy Sass Brown, NYC Editor

VLTA is an environmentally conscious company that produces jewelry designed to hold essential oils inside. Designed from recycled metals, and ethically sourced semiprecious stones, VLTA jewelry is minimalistic in style, and geometrically expressed. Pronounced vol-tah, the brand is named after a meteorite that hit the Earth’s surface around fourteen million years ago. The six trillion megatons of force that pierced the Earth’s core reversed the magnetic poles and melted into a green, translucent glass now known as Vltavín, or Moldavite. VLTA are driven by the ancient connectivity threaded through all life, and brings inspiration to all creative minds, a reminder that we are equipped with the necessary tools to sustain a healthy existence.


The brand, pride themselves on developing designs that embody sustainable practices, multifunctional use, and incorporate longevity and vitality.  From concept to creation, sampling to full-scale production, the entire process is handmade in the USA with all final touches completed in-house, and providing jobs to support the economy and reduce carbon footprint. All materials used are recycled and carefully sourced for the greatest sustainable impact. VLTA also strive to be a zero waste company.


Founded by Matthew Pril and Irene-Marie Seelig in fall 2014, the partners have appreciation for minimal, multifunctional design. Both are native Californians, from very different professional backgrounds, each with their own unique skill set.  The pair  possess a deep interest in holistic medicine, recently becoming certified in Clinical Herbalism from the Natural Healing Institute.  As a collective, Matt and Irene’s professional work touches various industries including scalable loss wax, metal casting and fabrication, furniture design, accessory design and holistic medicine. “We have a shared vision to create premium products that remind us that we and our environment are equipped with the necessary tools to sustain a healthy existence.”