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By Sass Brown, NYC Editor

People Berlin is a social clothing label that runs between fashion and art, and acts as a creative exchange for young people affected by addiction and mental illness. Bringing together people from different social backgrounds through a shared passion for design, the program joins forces to work together on shared fashion editions. Conceptual by nature, the output is highly expressive, and features unexpected layers, silhouettes and details that never the less make for a pleasing whole. The personal journey that is the final collection takes a full year of collaborative and personal work.


Now in their second edition entitled Snow in Summer, the collection focuses on the meaning of home, and the attempt of fleeing from it. Snow in Summer embodies many and varied concepts of home, showcasing numerous possibilities of expression through the medium of fashion. Everybody’s journey to discover self starts at home, so for the young people participating in the Fashion Project People Berlin, the meaning of home is the starting point, one full of desires and fantasies.


In Fall of 2016, People Berlin are showcasing the Snow in Summer collection at a pop up store in Berlin’s trendy Mitte district. With the intent of promoting and sharing the work of the program, everyone is invited to get to know the project. Acting as a bridge to fundamental discussions about fixed social norms and prejudices, the encounter will act as an important opportunity for honest feedback on the participant’s values, ideas and visual concepts. Revenue from sales at the pop up will flow back into the project.