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By Sass Brown, NYC Editor

From the Road was born out of a passion for off-the-grid travel, a love of indigenous cultures and a desire to create beautiful objects with soul. Founder Susan Easton travels the world to collaborate with artisans on decorative accessories for self and home, that celebrate the source. From the Road is founded on the belief that beautiful objects must embody more than aesthetic beauty, but encompass the people and place that gave birth to them. The world is full of incredible traditions, cultures and techniques, many passed down through generations, and all worth celebrating, valuing and continuing. Easton travels the globe to collaborate with artisans with traditional approaches, to create one-of-a-kind treasures.


With an open mind and heart, Easton arrives at a destination without preconceived ideas of what to make, but instead designs and prototypes are developed in partnership with the artisans themselves. Each creative journey is influenced by the people and the surroundings encountered, taking time to meet people, and immerse themselves in the local culture. Out of these experiences, new products and creations emerge.


From the Road document and record the process of conceptualization, design and production, connecting purchasers with the journey, enabling them to experience the culture, meet the artisans, and witness the entire process of creating modern heirlooms. Each collaboration starts with a conversation, and ends with a conversation piece.