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By Ali Levine, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist.

A lot has changed with brands, designers, and fashion over all. The ever-changing world looks to social media to form opinions and revolutions. Who wouldn’t want a brand that speaks for what they stand for, and their ethics? This Fall fashion gives back with these amazing brands who share the same passion for fashion as well as our communities! Sometimes you feel a little delicate and so does our planet. This is what I call the “Paperdoll,” (build an outfit):

Lur Aphrodite Rope Scarf: $35

“Lur, the brand that creates products from 100% recycled materials, gives back to the communities where we work and pays fair wages to those who make our clothing.” This scarf is layers of recycled tees making it a conversation piece that’s sure to turn heads. This scarf is essential to taking any outfit and giving it an extra laid-back, earthy, chill boost.


Reformation Janessa Leone Clay Hat: $150

A heart-felt hat to add the perfect gypsy flair to any fall look!

Toms Black Suede and Dotted Wool Leila Booties: $98

Toms, a popular name in the giving back. TOMS offers brand new, made-to-order shoes in a variety of styles to meet the needs of the children our Giving Partners serve.
These tasseled and dotted booties are trendy new shoe for Fall 2016!

Lovethirteen Golden Rutilated Quartz with Large Topaz Quartz Pendant: $350

Lovethirteen’s message implicates passion and positivity, “Each bead and pendant is intended to foster and inspire spiritual growth, while the chains serve as a playful reminder of life’s hard edges.” This handmade piece is just the touch this Fall look needs!


Reformation Blossom Dress: $98

Reformation, a brand that uses sustainable fabrics and vintage elements while diverting green throughout their supply chain and creates beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. Reformation set a trend with it’s innovative ideas and classic looks. This LBD is thinking green this Fall! From the unique neckline to the knitted buttons this look captures a flirtatious and flawless little black dress!


Reformation Tankar Cardigan: $398

This open front fly away is layers of Eco-friendly fashion and of environmental awareness.

 Feature Image Credit:
Model, Emily Ratajkowski
Photography by Jeff Fiterman for Coco Eco Magazine
Make Up by Julianne Kaye