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By Sass Brown, NYC Editor

Andrea Gutierrez creates iconic jewelry designs inspired by a lifelong enjoyment of discovery. Informed by art and culture, Gutierrez’s work is informed by her love of beauty. Made with care and precision, her creations are finely crafted, and a continuation of age-old traditions, imbued with a crisp, modern edge. Known for her intricate and detailed cuffs, each painstakingly fashioned by hand, using antique cut metal, seed beads, Swarovski® crystals, gold, silver and gemstones. Cuffs evolve organically, with embroidery layered in patterns onto a heavy silk base, resulting in encrusted one-of-a-kind cuffs intended to be worn and cherished like works of art.

COCO_ECO_ANDREA_GUTTERREZ_CUFFSGutierrez trawls flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales and antique sellers, searching out vintage accessories, handbags and other embellished objects to disassemble and transforms into luxurious jewels. Cast jewelry in sterling silver and solid gold are cast in a variety of metals and finishes, many embellished with gemstones, fashioned into highly collectible rings, bracelets, links, earrings and necklaces.

COCO_ECO_ANDREA_GUTIERREZ_EARRINGSAndrea Gutierrez’s timeless leather accessories are hand wrought with a a hip artisan esthetic, rendered in the highest quality hides, skins, metals, jewels and beads and can be layered, worn solo, or mixed with luxe pieces for a hi-lo look. Created from upcycled scraps, Andrea sources materials from tanneries, upholstery stores, belt manufacturers and an antique book restorer in New York City. The decorative elements of her leather cuffs are cast from actual antique and vintage found objects Andrea has collected since she was a young girl in Europe. Each piece is hand-sewn and assembled, one at a time, making it a collectible, unique object to wear and love for years to come.

COCO_ECO_ANDREA_GUTIERREZ_LEATHER_CUFFSBased in Los Angeles, Gutierrez’s love for design and beautiful creation started early in life, instilled by a mother’s passion for hand embroidered linens and textiles, as well as a keen interest in historic decorative arts and jewelry. Weekly outings to the open-air markets of Geneva, Gutierrez would spend hours scouring the stalls, looking for hidden treasures in the form of exquisite laces, embroidered textiles, antique beads, and jewelry, along with the stories that accompany them, and now continues to create works of art inspired by treasures that have been before.