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Randy Rahban 3

By Star Noor, Features Editor

If ever there was a plastic surgeon in tune with the needs and wants of his patients, it is Beverly Hills Doctor, Rady Rahban. The ever-mindful and extremely charismatic yet down-to-earth plastic surgeon is not only constantly working to fill-in the gaps of the medical industry so that patients may receive the best most comprehensive information and care available, but also donates his time alongside his staff’s time (which he pays for) to a particularly chosen charity each year, where he performs whatever surgeries necessary to accomplish their mission. Medi-philanthropy, if you will, is a practice that many have aspired to, one that Dr. Rahban takes to heart in his view of the human condition of communal-responsibility.

Randy Rahban 2Originally wanting to be an architect, Dr. Rahban soon realized that architecture was never going to be enough because he was interested in much more than just art. He recalls, “I watched this guy do a rhinoplasty and I said oh, my God that’s it!” Plastic surgery, as it is, combines all three areas the good doctor is passionate about. A love for science, art, and entrepreneurism seemed to be the path his life would take in becoming a plastic surgeon. Since then Dr. Rahban has used his immense skills, which have made him a favorite amongst the rich and famous, to change the lives of many less fortunate around the world and lending a caring, helping hand.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.21.01 AMWorking with pediatric-focused organizations like OP Smile, HELPS, Mending Kids, and Medishare, Dr. Rahban has over the years funded his way to South American countries to “do whatever is necessary,” such as reconstruct cleft lips for underprivileged children. In his quest to change lives one operation at a time. Dr. Rahban chooses organizations to volunteer with based on one edict alone, he explains: “I love all organizations that are willing to take the time, energy and the money to [truly] help people.”Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.16.23 AM“So many people say they want to do so much for other people, I think inherently people are good, but the difference is they do something [to back that up]? If you’re waiting for a perfect time to become a doer, that time will never come. You don’t have to be a plastic surgeon, get on a plane, fly to a third world country and perform surgery to make a difference. You can go down to your local animal shelter, feed the hungry in your community – just be there.” Just being there is the most important act of compassion and duty to this globe-trotting man of the hour, a motto we would all be better served taking to heart as well.Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.15.51 AM