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By Eva Bloomfield, Vegan Editor

An innate penchant for health and organic beauty runs through Shel Pink’s maternal bloodline. A Leo, dark raw chocolate lover and meditation fiend, Shel honed her knowledge of healthy habits when growing up in the suburbs of Detroit. Her childhood was continuously guided by the mantra ‘health is wealth.’ Her mother, a health buff well before the words ‘clean living’ were in anyone’s lexicon, instilled in Shel an awareness of her environment, the habit of thoroughly scanning ingredient labels and a devotion to self-care.

Attachment-1The ideological seed of balancing aesthetics and wellness–from the practice of massage and reflexology to selecting the healthiest and safest beauty products–was planted. Deeply. Shel sharpened her intrinsic creative knack at the University of Michigan where she studied art history. While earning her degree, the pull toward a spiritual path grew when she discovered yoga, uniquely, at a class that catered to senior citizens. The roots of her practice deepened as she found meditation and Ayurveda, an ancient medical system of treatment which employs healing herbs.

SR_MoistureBalm_V2While spirituality and health remained crucial tenets of her everyday, Shel’s artistic calling led her to a brief stint in fashion before she was invited to join her father-in-law’s business, Orly, a major beauty brand in the world of nail lacquer. Around this time is when she discovered she was pregnant.

BodySerumFaced with impending motherhood, her recognition that the decisions we make today will impact future generations became undeniable. Her work provided her with a direct line to people and with a channel for informative dialogue. Inspiration struck–she could create a new beauty line that embodied her life philosophy. And, thus, two great creations were born out of her pregnancy.

COCO_ECO_SPARITUALA line of vegan nail lacquers, buttery lip glosses and aromatic body care products, SpaRitual emanates environmental sustainability and clean living. It was the first to introduce a vegan nail lacquer to the marketplace and removed potentially harmful ingredients from the beginning. But, beyond its eco-conscious composition, her line is a celebration of life. It elevates compassion for–the time we take and how we care for–the self and the joy of upservicing–the respect we have for and energy we give–to the outside world. Later, inspired by her son’s classroom pet tortoise (adorably and aptly named Torti), who was present and intentional, she developed the philosophy of Slow Beauty. Infused in all of her products, Slow Beauty is an invitation to cut through the daily frenzy and stay grounded through daily meditative practices. It defines the connection between beauty and well-being.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12.08.32 PMWhen asked to list her key essentials, Shel didn’t mention a neutral nail polish or body butter. Instead, she talked about the power of female friendships; the strength that can be found in gathering together to support one another and communally set intentions. Her response heightens the realization that SpaRitual transcends physical beauty; it represents a lifestyle that, born out of maternal instinct, embraces compassion, minimalism and self-care. It is meditative wellness in a bottle, an appreciation of the immediate. It is a family affair, a tradition of health passed from one generation to the next. SpaRitual welcomes us all to incorporate the traditions into our own lives–and pass it on.