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By Sass Brown, NYC Editor

African fashion brand KISUA specializes in showcasing the continent’s brightest design talent to the rest of the world, creating exclusive capsule collections in collaboration with African designers. KISUA is the only African fashion company with distribution centers across three continents to serve customers in Africa, America and Europe. Inspired by the sights, sounds and tastes of Africa, KISUA blend traditional techniques and materials with a contemporary design aesthetics. The name KISU means a ‘well dressed person’ in Swahili.

COCO_ECO_KISUAKISUA’s aim is to provide a sustainable platform for African designers, so they can gain access the international market. They fund designer collaborations through the KISUA Designer Fund, and provide financial support by paying a portion of every sale directly to the designer. Establishing large-scale manufacturing capabilities have helped them overcome infrastructural hurdles, and ensure the seamless delivery of African fashion to the world.

COCO_ECO_KISUA_AFRICAN_FASHIONThe majority of KISUA’s sourcing and production takes place in Africa, and they are passionate about doing business in an ethical and responsible way. KISUA implement strict sourcing standards to ensure good working conditions for their workers and partners. Fabrics are predominately sourced form African suppliers, who are paid fairly and honestly. Paying special attention to their social impact, KISUA support and nurture local businesses and communities. Inspired by the strength and spirit of African women everywhere, KISUA work hard to create economic opportunities for women through their supply chain.

Founder Sam Mensah Jr comes from a background in banking and financial analysis., as well as being an advisor to the African Union. With a belief that Africa could offer the world a fresh perspective on style, Mensah built this international ecommerce platform to support African fashion reach global customers and to create opportunities for African designers. KISUA has gone on to gain the trust and support of renowned Savile Row tailor Ozwald Boateng, the founder of Lagos Fashion and Design Week, Omoyemi Akerele, as well as being a personal favorite of Beyonce and her sister, Solange.