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By Beth Doane, Features Editor

bambeco5Bambeco’s mission is to “inspire sustainable living.” This aesthetically-modern, home decor brand not  only cares about providing an opportunity for consumers to fill their homes with well-designed and sustainable goods that are ethically manufactured, but also cares about people. Throughout the brand there is an emphasis on educating consumers through motivational speaking, building relationships, and creating possibilities.

bambeco3Bambeco has been making a stylish impact since Earth Day 2009 after co-founder Susan Aplin witnessed receding glaciers in Alaska and was inspired to create the brand. “Creating a healthy home is a big part of what we do at Bambeco. People care about the quality of the food they eat and the ingredients they put on their body with skincare. The next step is taking the toxicity out of the furniture they eat on and products where they serve their food,” says Aplin.

BAMBECO_SUSTIANABLE_HOME_GOODSEver since launch, Bambeco has offered a selection of well-curated home goods that are reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, renewable, natural, or organic, and with each purchase a tree is planted. As well as being eco-friendly, Bambeco’s products are innovative in design and function and include furniture, home décor, kitchen & entertaining, bed & bath, and outdoor goods. The company walks their talk by incorporating a sustainable approach into their corporate practices, such as shipping all orders in carbon-free, minimal, and recycled packaging, and donating more than 1% of their profits to environmental organizations working to improve climate change, land preservation, clean water, and waterways. bambeco4-susanEach member of the Bambeco team is also given the opportunity to volunteer and exchange five hours per month of paid time to help environmental projects, really putting the heart in home.