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By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

In our busy lives where we are on the run, with not enough time in the day to meet life’s demands, it is imperative we get our daily dose of nutrition, consuming vitamin and health-packed foods that keep our minds and bodies well. Infusing super-foods into our diets has become the new norm, with a myriad of options now available, and we were especially excited to learn about Mulberry Love,  a revolutionary superfruit drink.

Mulberry_TableShot2For thousands of years, mulberries have played an integral role in traditional Chinese medicine, as a rejuvenator and to treat many health conditions. Mulberries contain abundant natural compounds and antioxidants  – from amino acids to anthocyanins to resveratrol – boosting immunity, protecting heart and liver, strengthening blood vessels, and aiding vision as well as helping to enhance memory.

Kombucha MulberryRich in antioxidants and natural ingredients, Mulberry Love is a premiere superfruit drink combining mulberry juice and coconut water, to quench your thirst while boosting your immune system. Loaded with antioxidants and potent phytonutrients, it is sourced from organic Mulberry orchards in Izmir, Turkey. This pure, two to three ingredient elixir draws on the inherent health benefits of a super-food that can improve memory, enhance vision, and promote weight loss, as well as containing anti-inflammatory properties.

Mulberry Love comes in four varieties: an organic Mulberry blend with Green Tea, an organic Mulberry and Kombucha elixir; an all-natural Mulberry Super-fruit blend, but our favorite is premium organic Mulberry juice blended with Coconut water from the Philippines, drunk either neat or incorporated into our morning smoothie. And with a portion of Mulberry Love’s profits being donated to causes like the Joan Valentine Foundation and Raincatcher, it seems all you need is love.