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By Eva Bloomfield, Vegan Editor

MegAndKomieDelikate Rayne is the ultimate embodiment of girl power. Its creators, self-made entrepreneurs Meg and Komie Vora, faced off with gender under-expectation and won. The luxury vegan fashion line is a gutsy blend of their compassion-infused upbringing and their personal brand of defiance.

First generation American, the Orange County-raised sisters were introduced to the principles of ethical living at a young age. Their father’s practice of Jainism, an ancient Indian religion based in nonviolence toward all living beings, meant a vegetarian diet and early-onset awareness. But the Southern California progressive setting collided with the lingering pressure of outdated gender norms. ‘Business owner and subsequent badass’ was not in the traditional family-blueprint designed for these driven women.


 cscerbo16_263-EditBut developing their own fashion line proved to be a passion that the sisters were unable to shake. Having started down a more conventional pathway–with Komie studying business marketing and Meg, business and communications–they diverted their accrued skill set into launching a brand that personified an edgy fashion-sense and a commitment to a kinder world.

 Delikate Rayne is the beautiful merging of seemingly opposing forces. Using carefully selected (and tantalizingly touchable) fabrics like chiffon and vegan satin, it manages to be both ethereal and dangerous. With its timeless minimalism and clean asymmetric lines, the brand is more than a clothing line–it’s a lifestyle. Delikate Rayne was built on the pillars of zero waste, cruelty-free and unapologetic femininity. The collections aren’t seasonal, supporting the practice of investing in high-quality staples to reduce disposability. Their textiles are sustainable and entirely animal-free. And the carefree, confident air of the collection is a direct reflection of the sisters’ untethered spirit.


cscerbo16_245-EditThrough their courageous foray into entrepreneurship, Komie and Meg have proven that starting a fashion label can be about so much more than wardrobes and runways. It’s an expression of their unwillingness to be silent, their uniqueness, their daring. Their refusal to partake in a harmful industry or to set down a path predetermined for them. It’s a reflection of their audacious and kind-hearted duality. Their edgy and sophisticated street-style line is rebel-rousing at its boldest–and at its kindest.


Meg and Komie shot by Mariana Barreto.

Cassie Scerbo, actress and activist: VP and executive director of Boo 2 Bullying- an anti-bullying organization dedicated to empowering the youth through positivity and tolerance. Shot by Vince Trupsin exclusively for Delikate Rayne on location at The Redbury Hotel in Hollywood, CA.