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By Star Noor, Features Editor



IMG_8576“[My wish is to] not only to respect the planet but also because old materials that have lasted this long have for a reason and are full of passion being made by hand,” muses upcycling architect Jorge Dalinger. Dallinger, who began his venture in architecture after purchasing his personal home in 1994, discovered his true passion lay in the foundation of old historical elements being made new again by transfer and use. He now runs Los Angeles-based Dalinger Designs, an architectural firm that specializes in making what is old, new again.

interiors19Having been born in Seville, Spain, Dalinger brought with him aesthetic roots sprouted from architectural elements grafted from various influences ranging from Moorish with large archways, vast courtyards referred to as “”dejennat” or “pharadaisos”, highly decorative woodwork as well as intricate tilework akin to the Islamic bathhouses and mosques. In addition, classic elements of familiar Roman, Greek, Phoenician, and Tartessian influences embedded from 3,000 years of the amalgamated settlements of Spain, with later influences from the Renaissance era’s palteresque style of playfully ornamental art – especially visible in the Andalusian region where Dalinger hails from, evident in such building sites like the Alcázar, the Giralda, and the Cathedral de Seville (to name a few). When he was 14, Dallinger and his family relocated to the U.S., settling in Los Angeles, California.

ExteriorsImages15In his new home he found a cornucopia of other elemental design influences, which he vibrantly took in and learned from – keeping true to the Spanish spirit of “Alegria de Vivir” at the center of all things life. This menagerie of inspiration and aspiration kaleidoscope together for a long and brilliant career in design spanning decades in industries ranging from clothing to furniture, and ultimately to his passion for architecture. His discovery of reuse and upcycling in home renovation and design first began with the purchase of his 1939 art deco house in Hollywood Hills, originally built for the boxer Jack Dempsey. Longing for the beautiful and worldly dwellings of his childhood home, Dalinger decided to make his home liken to a Spanish hacienda, salvaging many pieces from his beloved country of birth, to be incorporated in his new abode.

interiors03-1416x944Today, he collects countless artifacts and structural elements from countries like Morocco, India, and Spain. “It can be challenging, but fun and exciting once in my possession here in the U.S.” TilesImages161-1416x944With the design capabilities he naturally possesses and his years of experience in the N.Y. fashion world and as a rustic furniture designer, Dalinger creates breathtakingly beautiful spaces with a sensibility all his own; one which reflects his belief in global travel. “I wish [more people] would travel and go back in history and feel the passion of how things were created.”

IronW04-1416x944Dalinger’s imports are direct from his family owned salvage yard sourced in Spain, allowing him to offer competitive prices to keep these design elements more accessible for the general public. In addition, he has extended his aesthetic sensibilities to include the simpler, earthy side of design: “I also enjoy doing Zen style with all earth colors and elements to blend in with nature and its surroundings.”

IMG_4304Dalinger’s work can be seen in the U.S. mainly in the Hollywood Hills of California, the neighborhoods around Mulholland Drive, or the streets located directly behind the iconic Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood. On a global scale, his portfolio extends to locations in the South of France, Spain, and Italy. Dalinger Designs, with two studio locations in California and in Spain, can best be accessed direct through their “website dalingerdesigns.com”, says Dalinger on mobile as he drives from his latest job site in North Hollywood in his Tesla. Excited, he exalts the current work “Is amazing!”

Photo Credit: Dalinger Designs