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By Alexa Gray, Contributing Editor

IMG_0784That’s a great question. Why Meditate? Well, now backed by scientific evidence proving that it can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, promote better sleep, and productivity, there’s hardly any who stand to oppose this ancient practice. Speaker and yogi, Davidji says, “Meditation is about sliding over into the passenger seat and letting the Universe do the driving”.

 IMG_0686-2-1024x682Why Meditate, hosted at Wanderlust Hollywood, was a full immersion into meditation. They brought in an all-star teacher line up, from Moby to Davidji to Light Watkins to Malika Chopra and more; Each brought a myriad of varying perspectives, tips, tools, and stories on the topic. An onlooker shares his take and experience of a presentation by Malika Chopra:

MallikaChopra2Malika Chopra was an especially captivating speaker as well. Her story was intriguing — she described growing up with Deepak as her father and then finding herself as an executive for MTV India at a young age until she had her “a-ha” moment. Being a passenger in a ritzy car with a bunch of execs who were celebrating their first sponsorship deal, as they cruised through the poverty-stricken streets of Bombay, was powerful. She spoke about intent and it was a refreshing topic.

Chad-at-The-Fixx-1024x682Even when we seem to have everything, we all know that space or absence of “something” missing, which could be our connection to spirit, the divine, and our inner life. We can get there through the use of tools like meditation and by spending time at places like Wanderlust. It has become a true trendsetting and taste-making space that continues to make meditation cool. What a gift! So is it even a question to meditate or not to meditate? All we really need now is to figure out what kind we like. Whether it be silent, guided, movement, or something else, we have places like Wanderlust to help light the way of our path, and bring us more of those “a-ha” moments.WLLA_WEB_FYTN_0