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By Beth Doane, Features Editor

A Venture Capitalist and Purpose Driven Investor.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 6.20.57 PMIbrahim AlHusseini is a man on a mission. He’s coined a term “Solution Economy” to marry the largest concentration of capital in history, our investment dollars, with the largest market opportunity we have even been presented with, reversing climate change and saving earth’s life support system from collapsing. Said another way, he’s addressing the worldwide environmental crises through the free market system, one company at a time. His current focus? Our bewildering waste problem, starting with municipal solid waste.

Since starting his first business at 19, Husseini has spent the past two decades championing environmental sustainability and social change, using his acumen in finance to become an impact focused investor, or better yet, a purpose driven investor with a big impact.

After numerous successful business ventures Husseini began his career in venture capital and was presented with a real estate deal by a highly intelligent individual who he had come to respect greatly. As Husseini learned more about the opportunity he saw the profitability potential but also how the deal was not going to positively impact the local community or provide hope to the growing number of environmental and social issues he was becoming more deeply concerned about. So, instead of taking the deal he turned it down and decided focus on investments that could truly change the world and create a better future for us all.

IbrahimAlHusseiniFullCycle Energy Fund in 2013. Husseini designed FullCycle to revolutionize our relationship to waste and turn a costly, global environmental crisis into benefits that address critical energy and environmental concerns. This fund is the first of its kind to devote its entirety toward transforming municipal waste into clean energy to power communities across the globe at a wider scale than ever before.

“Solving our world’s growing waste problems through innovative Waste-To-Energy technology like we are doing at FullCycle Fund not only helps keep plastic from our oceans but also pushes the energy industry towards a new and much better path. This is so crucial right now because this path lessens the burden of waste and dirty energy placed on the environment,” says Husseini.

He also recognizes that our current methods of dealing with waste like landfills require large amounts of land and pose public health issues by producing greenhouses gases and runoff.

To make FullCycle Energy as successful as possible Husseini partnered with Synova, a waste-to-energy project developer. Synova’s state-of-the-art technology has eliminated greenhouse gas emissions by 98% when compared to municipal solid waste in landfills.