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Beth Doane, Features Editor & Sarah Zimmerman, Contributing Writer

In exploring the best places to stay in Turkey, we spoke with Turkish native and travel expert Sirma Gulgul, who founded elite travel agency Credo Tours. Credo has arranged individualized travel itineraries for thousands of visitors to Turkey in the past twenty-two years, including Oprah’s visit, so Sirma’s perspective is invaluable in evaluating Turkey for a well-deserved holiday this year. Sirma introduced us to the ultimate eco luxury getaway to the Sacred House Hotel,  an ornately-crafted stone inn in the breathtaking land of Capaddocia, an enchanting experience not to be missed while visiting Turkey.

The Sacred House Hotel located in this land of mystery and freedom, provides a unique historical, religious, and cultural heritage. It is one of the most magical places you will ever visit, feeling literally sacred as its name suggests, and appropriately sitting in the heart of an open-air museum, perpetuating an atmosphere of antiquity and taking you to an experience only found centuries ago.

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This stunning and majestic hotel pays homage to its surrounding and history, respecting its natural environment. All meals are prepared using locally-sourced produce, staff are local, and only organic pure essential oils are used in their divine spa treatments. It is known as the “fairy house” for it literally feels as though you’ve stepped foot into a fairytale from another time. SacredHouse

Not only does this genuine beauty symbolize the true essence of Cappadocia, it is also located just a few miles from both the UNESCO World Heritage site and the airport.


While enjoying your stay at the Sacred House Hotel, Sirma, through Credo, will arrange a stunning hot air balloon ride or traditional Whirling Dervish ceremony to truly give you the experience of a lifetime. It’s the perfect adventure to add to your time in Cappadocia, and your exploration of Turkey. Truly sacred indeed!