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By Star Noor, Features Editor

LSTN image4Some traditions are meant to be broken and some should be adhered to. When creating LSTN, co-founders Joe Huff and Bridget Hilton decided to create the audiophile’s dream company – one who not only provides sonically rich, crisp sound but marries that effort with a noble quest of bringing hearing to those who cannot, allowing for purchasing power with panache and doing it with sonic clarity and natural beauty in design.LSTN image1

The best way to describe LSTN is as a vintage-inspired headphones company that embodies the traditionally sought organic aesthetics of flawless wood and its astounding ability to provide full bodied sound to instruments throughout aural human history who is perhaps the world’s first audio accessories company that from its start was formed around the idea of giving back. Huff recalls, “The inspiration behind LSTN was a video we watched of a woman hearing for the first time. The video was so incredible and inspiring to us because it made us realize that we couldn’t even imagine a life without music. That was the moment when we decided to create a company to help give people the gift of hearing.”

“Everything we do is based on changing the world through the power of music,” explains Huff.LSTN image2

“People always say to us, “Why did you start another headphone company? There are so many headphone and audio companies already. Our answer is simple, LSTN isn’t another headphone company because our mission isn’t to make headphones, our mission is to help give people hearing. We really believe that what matters most is how we help make our world a better place and we hope we can help more people contribute by just making it easier to participate.JOE_HUFF_LSTN

This year LSTN is going further and beyond both in giving and in spreading the word, as well as expanding their product lines with stylish bluetooth speakers, the Apollo’s and the Satellites. “We’ve been getting rave reviews so far and like all of our products they look and sound incredible. We are also happy to announce that we have some amazing partnerships that are just beginning with Delta and Chivas that will run through 2016 and beyond that will help create global awareness for LSTN and our mission. We are also launching new Bluetooth headphones and earbuds in the coming months so stay tuned for those.”

LSTN image6LSTN has now traveled to Peru, Kenya, Uganda, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Mexico as well as several stops in the U.S. (Arizona, New York, Los Angeles) to help give over 20,000 people hearing through our partnership with Starkey Hearing Foundation, and heading to the Dominican Republic and India later this year. Stay tuned!