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By Beth Doane, Features Editor

The world’s only natural memory foam mattress company that’s completely non-toxic and taking over dreamland globally.

Great sleep is important. Really important. It keeps us healthy in a slew of fascinating ways and can even aid us in maintaining a healthy body weight and keeping our skin clear. What most people don’t realize however is that what we are sleeping on every night can be super toxic. Many (if not most) major mattress and sleep products on the market today contain flame-retardants, hundreds of chemicals and even dangerous carcinogens that lead to cancer and other serious health conditions. The good news is that more people every day are becoming aware of these issues and are re-evaluating the sleep products in their life.

unspecified-5We recently spoke with the team at Essentia – makers of the world’s only natural memory foam mattress, about what sets them apart and how they are making sleep safe again.

unspecified-2Essentia was founded in 2006 and all of their products are made by hand in Canada. The base ingredient in the Essentia’s patented natural memory foam is hevea milk, which is the milky white sap of the rubber tree. The hevea milk is harvested sustainably from the rubber tree, which is not killed in the process. Essentia is also packed with interesting eco ingredients like organic grapefruit seed oil, organic coneflower essence, organic jasmine essence, and GMO free plant extracts and every mattress is wrapped in a certified unbleached organic cotton fabric.

When it comes to certifications Essentia has quite a few under their belt, including GOTS Certified cotton, EuroLatex ECO-Standard and OkekoTex certified latex. unspecifiedNot all companies can say that they invested in third party evaluations of their products, but Essentia founder Jack Dell’Accio was personally inspired to create the brand when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. He looked at all the typical places we find the most toxins in our lives and quickly saw how mattresses are manufactured with poor quality components, and layered together with toxic glue. At the time this was big news. He spent time looking into better alternatives, and realizing there were none created Essentia.

unspecified-6What’s more inspiring is that he didn’t just create the top organic mattress on the market – he created a truly groundbreaking company. Essentia offers 14 store locations in North America, all of which are involved in their “Betterhood” program, which encourages each location to become a part of the community and host events. Essentia Betterhood events have supported local talent, charities and organizations. Essentia has also recently pledged to donate up to $1million dollars to the Canadian Cancer Society with hopes to do the same in the US. Sweet dreams at last!