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By Eva Bloomfield, Vegan Editor

IMG_4688Sarah DeAnna is on a mission to prove that beauty is more than skin deep. An enthusiast of plant-based eating, female empowerment and epigenetics (worth a Google search), the model-turned-author is reaching out to women everywhere with the message: we all have the power to manifest the highest, truest version of ourselves.

With a career that has spanned the last decade, DeAnna’s modeling story is reminiscent of the classic fairytale: grows up in a small town, moves to California for college, is ‘discovered’ and quickly finds herself being whisked between New York, Milan and Paris for photo shoots and fashion weeks. But this supermodel’s larger journey has proved to be anything but typical. Sarah grew up in the tiny Oregonian town of Jefferson (population 2,000), where the go-to menu consisted of a junk food deluge, from hamburgers to sugary, neon-colored drinks. It wasn’t until, at the tender age of 10, she was confronted with the image of an uncarved turkey on the Thanksgiving table. Unlike most willing ten year olds, she couldn’t see past the bird behind the holiday dinner; the formerly live creature in front of her was just too real. It was then that she went cold-turkey (pun shamelessly intended) with animal products and turned veg.

DeAnna’s penchant for plants quickly expanded from strictly ethical to a keen interest in the science of health. She now maintains a mostly raw vegan diet; a perpetual snacker, she counts uncooked fruits and veggies, smoothies, nuts, seeds and raw chocolate among her go-to eats. A fitness devotee, she regularly incorporates evening yoga into her daily routine. Sleep, hydration by way of coconut water and a lack of caffeine are also in her beauty-from-within arsenal.

e60fda46256111e3872722000a1fd26f_7When her modeling career was in full swing, she was repeatedly approached about her health-forward regimen. People have long associated the modeling industry with elements of destruction: from sunken eyes and hollowed cheeks, to cocaine and cigarettes, to hunger–to an impossible standard of beauty. But DeAnna defied that toxic stigma: she was fit, healthy and overtly renounced fad diets. The more people approached her, the more it became clear that there was a story that needed to be told. The perception of beauty and the modeling industry was in need of some major redefining; thus, the idea for Supermodel YOU was born.

supermodel YOU_bookDeAnna is a leader in a revolutionary wave. The modeling industry paradigm is shifting: France has outlawed ‘starving models’ to discourage eating disorders in the industry, Barbie dolls now come in varying shapes and sizes, and Ashley Graham is Sports Illustrated’s first ever plus size cover model. Models with a strong social media following are the ones booking jobs. In short, through the platform of social media, the people have spoken and are declaring that they want to see more than a narrow scope of commercially-pronounced beauty.

Through her book, DeAnna relays the message that we should all aspire to be our own supermodel, to re-engineer our thinking around ‘the ideal’ and stop looking for answers outside of ourselves. None of us really want to be Cindy Crawford, she insists; we want to be the best version of us: “You don’t have to be a model to be gorgeous. Do whatever you’re passionate about, be your happiest self, and your dreams will come to you,” DeAnna wisely asserts.

Rhuddlahn_black_01She hopes to empower us all to get in touch with the person inside and to to recognize that our whole self is the ultimate. There is only one ideal: and that ideal is the most fully realized you.