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By Star Noor, Features Editor

Eric Balfour_edited_editedA very personal desire for something he couldn’t find led actor/filmmaker and eco-preneur Eric Balfour to create Electric and Rose—an active wear label designed and manufactured in Los Angeles and born out of “our love for the ocean, surfing, and yoga,” says Eric. “I constantly had to tweak or change pieces from traditional athletic, surf, and street wear to create active-wear that not only satisfied my functional needs, but also expressed who I was,” he recalls of his days before E&R, “So when my wife Erin and I created Electric & Rose, it started as a means of satisfying my own selfish athletic and stylistic desires,” he recalls laughing. “I wanted to create an athletic line for guys who weren’t jocks, who weren’t obsessed with how much they could bench press. I wanted to create clothing made for adventure that also reflected everything I love about growing up in L.A. and living in Venice…[with] its amalgamation of cultures and styles. “Its beauty is in its contradictions of opinion,” Eric iterates, and this beauty is apparent in the unique stretch fabrics, handmade dye processes, artist collaborations, and community outreach and job production of the brand.

With a new collection for Summer 2016, Eric and Erin have moved forward into the second year with their active creation. “It’s exciting times right now for Electric & Rose! We feel like we’re really starting to hit our stride. This new collection is all about the ocean and how it inspires us. We did a collaboration with Hawaiian surfer and photographer Mike Coots for a print created from one of his photos and it turned out beautiful,” states Eric.coco_eco_electric__rose

Of course, in addition to Electric and Rose he is also fast working on his film career: “I’m about to direct and star in a feature film called “The Flesh”. EB-4AIt’s a modern take on the vampire story that really is a metaphor for the world of human trafficking and modern day slavery. I’m nervous and excited at the same time but really looking forward to the challenge.” In addition, he is in the middle of development for a TV series “These Broken Stars” with Warren Littlefield (Fargo) and writer Simon Barry (Continuum) based on the “Starbound” series of novels written by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner.

Photo Credit: Eric Balfour/Electric & Rose