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By Beth Doane, Features Editor

Maew-LA-3With multiple new businesses dominating the trendy, sustainable food movement we found one that stands out above the rest in more ways than one, delivering local, sustainable and delicious elegance straight to your table.

Cozymeal is a new platform that personally connects food lovers with local professional chefs, taking you on a truly exceptional culinary adventure of experiential dining. Many of the Cozymeal chefs have Michelin star experience and offer cooking classes, market tours and personalized private dining experiences. The team of selected chefs are vetted and hand selected by experts on the Cozymeal team, so customers are always offered the ultimate in dining experiences.Spinach-ravioli-843F8E7

For example, learn to make homemade pasta, a traditional Spanish paella, a sumptuous Asian extravaganza, or a vegan feast in your own kitchen or the professionally-equipped kitchen of your favorite Cozymeal chef, enjoying an exquisite meal with your closest friends. Or employ Cozymeal for a private dining experience at a location of your choice with your own personal chef, creating an unforgettable banquet for your closest friends, featuring the finest local, eco  and organic ingredients. A private dinner party under the stars perhaps?

For the ultimate in sustainable cuisine expertly prepared in an intimate setting or interactive cooking classes, startups such as  Google,  Apple and Yelp are using Cozymeal for team building exercises, employing collaboration and learning skills.cooking-class-pasta-mania-fresh-pasta-making-class-2C9AFCF

A lesson with a professional chef  or a private dinner party, surrounded by family, friends or colleagues, is always a fun and delicious experience to be savored. Now available in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and expanding to cities across the U.S. in 2016,  Cozymeal is delivering a new, modern and sophisticated take on the meaning of “comfort” food.Francesca-LA-1