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By Star Noor, Features Editor

As a young man starting out with Fred Segal, Los Angeles’ iconic fashion destination, Ron Robinson quickly saw the value of bringing responsible sustainable fashion to a consumer base hungry for on-trend, covetable items.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.09.46 AMAfter nine years of working up the ranks, Ron launched his own brand, Ron Robinson, at the Fred Segal department store on famed Melrose Avenue, fulfilling his belief that, “As a part of a greater society, it is contemporary and fashionable to think about what we do and how that affects everything.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.01.46 AMSince then, the self-professed “curator of fashion arts,” along with his wife Stacy, and team led by Karen Meena, have selected products from around the world, which stand up to the qualification formula that they employ for each and every brand. “I want to bring the elite of fashion to a dynamic, organic environment,” he states. Of course at the top of the list is a lifelong quest to bring aesthetically beautiful, fashionable items to his clientele. Aesthetics are then closely followed by the overall qualities of the brand. Believing that the word organic is thrown around “far too liberally” these days, he explains, “I want to make a real difference,” looking for brands that are “environmentally intelligent” rather than simply “organic”. He furthers, “Many brands are sometimes a little bit light green,” and his selection process includes those who do not use harmful products or production processes, but “might be neutral” as well as those who are truly sustainable. This is the concept around which he launched Apothia, a boutique of sustainable beauty products exclusive to the Ron Robinson store. IMG_6128Apothia, Robinson explains, is a brand that is “more than organic.” “It’s hard to measure what the overall effect of our contributions would be but it is far easier to measure what the overall impact would be if we do nothing. The importance isn’t whether we make a big difference or a small difference, it’s that we make one and maybe inspire someone else to do the same.”

IMG_7027In 2014 Robinson opened his new boutique, a flagship store in Santa Monica, California. Bringing his usual vision, expertise and taste to the redesign, he fashioned it into a cosmopolitan fashion, beauty and lifestyle emporium, housing an impeccable curation of hard-to-find and special brands from around the world. The store along with Robinson’s reputation, have fast become a mecca for excusive partnerships with specialized celebrity launches including Pamela Anderson’s vegan boot line, Pammies, Laird Hamilton’s eponymous resort and surf collection, the eco-luxury accessories line, Bare, from Jessica and Justin Biel, and Grason Ratowsky, as well as countless art and photography exhibitions and events attended by celebrities such as Oprah and Orlando Bloom.Laird Bloom Oprah

True to Robinson’s grounded nature and despite the celebrity fan fair, he and his team keep it authentic by hosting Yoga Saturdays in the Santa Monica store each weekend during summer. A complimentary class led by renowned instructors and followed by healthy treats from local eco chefs, Yoga Saturdays is fast becoming top on the weekend-to-do list amongst hip Westsiders, further cementing Robinson as a legendary arbiter of Los Angeles style, taste and culture.