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Favorite Vegan Handbags 

By Eva Bloomfield, Vegan Editor


As we get brave winter, looking forward to a change in season and brighter, warmer days, now is the time to start our spring clean and embrace some closet feng shui, getting into the minimalism spirit. Deep breaths everyone: it can be done. Here is my curated checklist of a {reasonably small and totally crush-worthy} handful of handbags to get you through the day-to-day through the wintry season and take you into spring. Tips for staying on the road to simplicity this year: keep the color palette neutral, the lines geometric and find a balance between style and function.

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  1. On-trend and versatile, the Cross-Body bag from Angela Roi is the ideal grab-and-go option; it will complement most any casual ensemble and has ample room for whatever you wish to cart around for the entire day.morningmud_1024x1024
  2. The results are in and the seemingly impossible has happened: fanny packs are back (and I’m not-so-secretly loving it). This sleek pack from Hipsters for Sisters is a looker and endlessly practical. Toss in your keys, phone and wallet, and you’re good to waltz right out the door.made-in-usa
  3. The definition of sophistication, you’re going to thank your lucky stars and good taste that you have the Jaunt Handbag from Zink Collection hanging in your closet. Perfect for a polished business get-up, it can easily transition to evening with that flattering LBD number, and comes in a variety of fun colors to stylishly brighten any outfit.Burnt Orange Succulent Garden
  4. This year, convenience is king. Embrace your wanderlust, whether within your own Thisispaper_lookbook__25_largecity or abroad, and throw on this Handle Backpack in Denim. Roughing it while looking impossibly chic is a tricky line to walk, but This Is Paper nails it.web_0x750_pelcor-ss16-4
  5. In any handbag collection, a clutch is always a must, and the Cork Sesame Clutch from Pelcor is the ultimate.
    It’s just the right size for your daily essentials and still manages to feel delightfully airy. The creamy beige and woven pattern make this pick flattering to just about any outfit, from casual to elegant.



Photo Credit: Featured brands