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By Beth Doane, Features Editor

How One Wellness Brand Shines Brighter!

Lisa Odenweller is known as an “organic entrepreneur” and founded her company Beaming with the intention of helping people realize the power of food as medicine.


Odenweller is the walking advertisement for “You are what you eat,” knowing that what we consume is imperative to good health. Beaming sources only the freshest, most nutrient-dense ingredients available, never skimping on quality. While there are juice bars opening across the country, Beaming’s unique gourmet, healthy, café style experience is felt the moment you walk in the door, and even more so upon tasting any of their delicious juices, smoothies and foods. You can also order their cleanses for delivery.BEAMING_CAFE

We love that Beaming tests and tweaks recipes constantly, building every item from scratch into something delicious. Each juice is cold-pressed for maximum nutrient-retention and flavor, using 3-5 pounds of vegetables and fruits per bottle, and their green juices are truly green, brimming with vegetables and minimal fruit sugar. Known for their low-glycemic, superfood cleanse programs, they incorporate delicious juices AND food, allowing your body to reset and rejuvenate, while providing the nourishment and energy to support your daily life and detoxify.BEAMING_FOOD

Superfood entrepreneur, expert and Mom, Odenweller is a passionate wellness advocate on a mission to inspire healthy families with her expertise, wisdom and passion. Beyond Superfood Cafes, deliciously addictive smoothies,  and raw-pressed juices and cleanses, Beaming is a lifestyle brand offering tips, knowledge and recipes  on their website to inspire your journey to a superfood super life. Happy, healthy humans? Live. Love. Beam!