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By Alexa Gray, Contributing Editor

Last week, the first ever Town Hall Series for A Mindful America was held at the Wanderlust Space in Hollywood. A group of some of our nation’s most enlightened speakers came together to share why now is the time to embrace world issues and come at them from an empowered perspective.“Over time we have tended to self-correct”, says speaker Marianne Williamson in regards to the American people and our pattern of collective evolution. “From slavery, to women’s rights, to legalizing gay marriage, committed groups of individuals have claimed their sacred responsibility to make the world a better place. Now it is our time.”

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Here are some of the big ideas from each speaker:COCO-ECO-WONDERFLUSTMarianne Williamson – Activist, Author, Speaker: Our sacred responsibility is to evolve, and right now we need to get financial corruption out of our politics and our country.

Mike De La Rocha – Artist, Musician & Activist: We have a system that is funneling underprivileged people to a life behind bars, and we can create programs to redirect them into a place that creates more opportunity for them and for the country at large.

COCO-ECO-WANDERLUST-2Prince EA – Musician, Activist & Social Media Star: If peace is what we want, we have to reframe the situation around terrorism. When you label someone, you have effectively built a wall and there is no room for understanding, when it understanding that we need most.

Tim Ryan, D-Congressman from Ohio: Mindful meditation is a free tool that can be used in schools and to help VETS with PTSD and should be part of the new core curriculum taught throughout the country.

Seane Corn – Yogi, Activist & Speaker: Just because we don’t see chemicals, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. We have to be mindful of what companies we are supporting and play an active role in protecting our environment, no matter how inconvenient it is for us.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 11.44.12 PMMindful America will be traveling the world with the Wanderlust Festival Series.


Photo Credit: Matthew Ferdinand Hartz for Wanderlust Hollywood