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By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

The essence of Malie Organics is an all immersive experience. Malie, pronounced mah-lee-ay, translates as calm, serene tranquility, and this organic beauty and luxury spa collection delivers up to its name. Founded in 2004 on the Garden Island of Kauai by husband and wife team, Shaun and Dana Roberts, the line is as committed to the environment as it is to creating a sensory and authentic Hawaiian collection that honors its heritage and the natural abundance of the islands’ luscious fawn and flora.


Malie takes its inspiration from Hawaii’s natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle, and with all-natural, organic products embodying its magnificence, the brand honors its local roots using only indigenous plants to create this extraordinary line. The flourishing rainforests of Hawaii offer the purest and most fragrant flowers and fruits in the world. and in preserving the botanical benefits of these fruits and flowers, all products embody Hawaiian Hydrosols – the gentle floral waters that contain every element of the plant at the molecular level.

Beyond their commitment to creating a sensuous and authentic Hawaiian experience, Malie’s focus is the health and well-being of people and planet, resulting a line that is as safe and non-toxic as it is luxurious. The collection is not tested on animals, and is free of petroleum, mineral spirits, sulfates, animal products and parabens.


Malie Organics’ ingredients range from cultivated organic harvests to the rare wild-crafted plants of the Hawaiian rainforests. All their ingredients are sustainably grown, ensuring constant renewal and replenishment of resources, and the brand prides itself on being Made In the U.S.A, supporting and utilizing the talent and time-honored traditions of local artisans. With Hawaii in our hearts, Malie Organics is an effective, ethical and luxurious brand that takes care of all of our beauty needs and concerns, while sensorially and luxuriously transporting us to its magical islands when we can’t physically be there. Mahalo, Malie.



Photo Credit: Malie Organics