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By Jodie Dalmeda, Contributing Writer

From award winning actress to social advocate, Jessica Alba, named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, is letting her honest beauty shine from within. JESSICA_ALBA_HONEST_BEAUTY

Alongside Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer, and father of three, she launched The Honest Company, a brand that provides effective, safe, eco- friendly, beautiful and affordable products for babies and
the home. Honest creates products that will not harm the environment but which inspire new solutions that will reduce impact, and are non-toxic and healthy. For example, their eco-friendly diapers are more than 85% biodegradable. Totally committed to a real culture of honesty with staff, stakeholders, and customers. “I wanted a company that’s transparent,” says Jessica.JESSICA-ALBA-HONEST-BEAUTY

Dedicated to making a real social impact, Jessica talks enthusiastically about the importance of the company’s involvement in pro social partnerships. “Social goodness is built into the core values of The Honest Company. We believe that we all benefit when we contribute to the communities we share, I’ve always advocated for women’s and children’s issues and we engage a variety of projects that speak to social justice, education, the environment, health and wellness (especially as it relates to environmental factors), because they’re all linked. To date, we’ve worked with over 100 non-profits and helped over 50,000 families. Our employees have donated over 1.200 hours of volunteering, and given out more than 500,000 diapers and over 680,000 products.”JESSICA_ALBA_HONEST_COMPANY


In September 2015, Alba launched her latest initiative, Honest Beauty, a skincare brand committed to safe, high performance cosmetics, for today’s diverse woman. With the advice and insights of top makeup artists, cosmetic scientists and beauty industry professionals worldwide, Honest Beauty offers a collection that’s as effective as it is clean, making it effortless for every women to let her beauty honestly shine.

Honestbeauty.com Honest.com

PHOTO CREDIT: Honest Beauty