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By Beth Doane, Features Editor

DIRTYLEMON_DETOXThis hot new beauty trend has everyone talking, so we tried it. And we loved it! The DIRTYLEMON Raw Detox is a mixture of pure, cold-pressed lemon juice, dandelion extract, ginger root extract, activated charcoal, and filtered water. Their theory is balance:
Enjoying your night out, ditching meal plans, enjoying cheat days, and saying no to fads that don’t work. DIRTYLEMON is easy because it’s meant to be consumed with the normal daily foods you eat.

The packages consist of 6 bottles per order, 10 calories each with no added sugar or sweeteners. Priced at $65 with free shipping anywhere in North America, you can have fresh juice delivered straight to your door! They even have a text-to-order option so you can replenish with ease.DIRTYLEMON

Lemon juice is proven to cleanse your system and helps alkalize the body, activated charcoal absorbs thousands of times its own volume in toxins, while ginger and dandelion root aid the body’s natural digestive process.


We also love that this raw detox is:

  • All Natural & Made in the USA
  • Cold-pressed & Raw with the finest non-GMO lemons
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Never heated, never pasteurized
  • 100% organic herbs
  • Pharmeceutical grade activated charcoal from sustainably harvested coconut shells

So, when life gives you lemons? Pucker up and detox!