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By Beth Doane, Features Editor

There are only a few pure Ayurvedic lines on the market today and Sundara Holistic is one to know. With 100% natural, non-toxic, organic skincare created bSundara Pic 1y NYC Ayurvedic practitioner Kiera Nachman, the line was created when Kiera began making customized oils and serums for friends and clients. The premise behind Ayurvedic skincare is that everything you apply to the skin must be edible. This is because whatever you put on your skin becomes absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds. The surprising fact is that it is even more important for your overall health to use clean skincare than even to eat clean which is filtered by your digestive system.

Some of the products in the line are customized by dosha, meaning skin types/metabolic body-mind types. Others are Tridoshic, meaning they can be used by anyone.

Sundara Holistic Group #1

Ayurvedic skincare is also very healing, and every ingredient chosen has health benefits. The name Sundara means beautiful in Sanskrit, so “Sundara Holistic” refers to whole beauty, inside and out. Kiera believes that in order to have the radiant glow of outer beauty, you must nourish the body from the inside. The plant oils,  leaves, rosemary, carrot seed oil, ghee, turmeric, saffron, pumpkin seed oil, aherbs and other healing ingredients in her line address and balance issues at the cellular level. These nature-derived ingredients include brahmi, avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, currynd aloe vera. For example, the Indian herb Brahmi is used in Kiera’s hair oil for multiple reasons. Not only is it the best herb to stimulate hair growth, but it is also one of the best for brain health and to rejuvenate the nervous system. The plant extracts in this hair oil combine to give lustrous, healthy locks while also calming and centering the mind as you massage the healing oils right into the crown of the head.

The Sundara Holistic line can be found on the shelves of some of the top wellness destinations in New York and Los Angeles.