By Alexa Gray, Contributing Editor

Dance of Liberation Dancers
The sound of drums, a steady flow of movement, and the call to dance freely describe the setting of the popular modality in Los Angeles, Dance of Liberation.

Israeli born Parashakti Sigalit Bat-Haim, founder of DOL, is a world-renowned dancer and healer. After conquering the underground dance scene of New York, she brought this sacred Native American influenced dance to Los Angeles. There she worked the full feature documentary “Dance of Liberation” film produced by the Wolper Organization at Warner Brothers (due to be released in 2016). There is a major ecstatic dance scene that is expanding in this mecca of all things health, and Parashakti has made a mark by bringing her gift to the medical scene.
Currently, she is the Spiritual Practitioner & Program Coordinator of Breathe, an addiction treatment facility in Hollywood. Founded by Brad Lamm, he hired Parashakti to bring this modality to his clients who have come to let go of their addictions and learn tools for creating a healthy and fulfilling life.
What makes this dance so unique compared to the other ecstatic dances, is that dancers wear a blindfold, which forces them to go within to the self. Parashakti says, “most people face a fear or a blockage. On a much deeper level, the fear is to be alone with the self. People are scared to go deep and find their authentic self. You’re going on a journey to meet the shadow. It takes surrender, letting go, and having trust in the process. Once you dance in this way, your life is forever changed. It is then up to the dancer to follow up, with a consistent spiritual practice.”

Dance of Liberation Dancers 2

Parashakti, has seen a lot of success with her clients and to groups that she teaches to outside of Breathe at the Ecstatic Dance LA group in West LA.  So if you need to release some steam, heal deep trauma, or release an addiction, dancing on a regular basis could just be what the doctored ordered.




Photos by: Carlos Castillo & William Vargas