By Alexa Gray, Contributing Editor

A unique piece of furniture stands for function as well as art.

It can tell a story or can bring you on a journey. Megan Risdon, founder of EcoChic lifestyles, brings you on her journey with her one of kind reclaimed wood pieces. From yesterday’s fishing boats to modern-day homes, EcoChic designs upscale, handcrafted interior and outdoor furniture made primarily of teak wood from reclaimed tropical fishing boats.

Megan was inspired to start EcoChic Lifestyles after visiting a small fishing village in Southeast Asia, where she discovered a mirror made from the wood of a fishing boat that had been destroyed by a tsunami and given new life. “I met families there who had turned the tragedy of a tsunami into beautiful decorative art,” explains Megan. “They were creating beauty out of devastation. Transforming symbols of loss and destruction into symbols of life and victory, and by placing these symbols in their homes, they were forging a deep personal connection with their country and their loved ones. I was inspired to find a way to bring this same level of meaning and connection to people’s homes, in the shape of high-end furniture.”

The furniture strikes you first with its color, owed to the original paint job on the boats from which the wood is sourced. Then you notice the subtleties and organic textures that vary from piece to piece, and no two are alike. “Using reclaimed materials is important to me because it helps protect raw materials and natural habitats for the future. We strive to share our eco-friendly ethos to all of our customers, from private homes to the hospitality industry, including restaurants, resorts and hotels internationally.” Turn your own home into a symbol of hope with this noteworthy and eco-friendly furniture.


Image Credit: Eco Chic lifestyles