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By Alexa Gray, Contributing Editor


Holiday bubbly just got a boost with Obi Probiotic Soda.

Born out of Founder Ben Goodwin’s desire to get probiotics into more people’s diets, Obi stands apart from other specialty drinks and holiday cocktail mixers. Not only does he use real fruit and natural sweeteners to flavor his organic, non-GMO water kefir sodas, he also includes a very special blend of probiotics, which support the ecosystem of our gut micro flora. According to Goodwin: “Clinical research indicates the importance of probiotics in helping support good digestion and immune system health. Exciting new research shows that a healthy gut can even boost your mood and promote psychological well-being, which is something I’ve personally experienced the benefits of.”


This concoction really feels like the upgraded version of our “classic” American soda, but we don’t have to consume 39 grams of sugar in order to have a similar experience. Obi’s sugar ranges from 2-5 grams depending on the flavor. Obi is trying to bring something delicious yet healthy to the market. The flavors are a premium twist on classic soda flavors: Meyer Lemon & Lime; Valencia Orange & Grapefruit; Organic Root Beer; and Cherry Vanilla Bean.

This is a delicious soda that’s good for you and contains only the highest quality ingredients.  That’s worth a holiday cheers.