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By Nichola Zed, Travel Editor

This stunning resort sits on the rock foundations of Ninh Van Bay on the East Vietnam Sea.

XZjpf29xi033WspuXvnuTpxBLlx-Mpq_cKwYLgcniHw,kTlX2TBYh2kJ5W2ePafguiF_tfEVcpAVkdO4b1KvZfcSix Senses Ninh Van Bay’s untouched secluded setting was built with traditional Vietnamese architecture and designed to blend in with the natural surrounds. The different villas include Hill Top Villas, Rock Villas and the 58 Beachfront Pool and Water Villas. Clients can also participate in water-sports, safaris, motorbike tours, scuba diving and plenty of recreational activities. Of course for those there to unwind the Six Sense Spa offers something for everyone. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay endeavour to utilise natural resources, improve the lives of the local community, and are committed to monitoring and improving sustainability. Rainwater is collected and used at the resort, and each month the hosts gather and clean the semi-private beach. The resort also uses its own herb and vegetable garden in the restaurant. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is committed to improving the ecological and carbon footprint through improving overall energy usage, consumption and operating efficiency the use of Clean Technology.

Ninh Van bay, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 58 372 8222
Fax: (+84) 58 372 8223

Photo Credit: Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Vietnam