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By Beth Doane, Features Editor

Debra Haugen Sara Clement Gemstone Organic ceremony magic sorceress sacred spiritual crystals

Using Mother Earth’s most advanced technologies, Gemstone Organic found the perfect trifecta of ingredients: PLANTS + MINERALS + WATERS.

This combination works to heal skin using organic botanicals, precious minerals and high vibrational waters. Different gemstones are used for each specific skin type or ailment and these essences mineralize skin similar to an experience like a mineral springs soak. Once your skin is soothed the gem essences go even deeper, working with the aromatherapy of essential oils to connect you with your inner self. The entire brand is handcrafted fresh in small batches in Los Angeles and is available worldwide online.  Lav Gem Juice Amethyst Gemstone Organic


Image Credit: Gemstone Organic