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By Jillian Baumgartner, Contributing Editor


“A woman is full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.” ~Diane Mariechild

Julianne Smith uses this quote to embody the spirit and theme of her fashion line, NoMiNoU designs. Composed up of original artwork and moving quotes, Smith’s line has spiritual and functional attributes.

NoMiNoU is practical, featuring workout pieces and ready to wear. After successfully designing for 15 years, Smith was moved by her mother’s artwork that she had found shortly after her death. These pieces of art allowed her to tap into a creative space that she had not yet explored.

The line is made from natural resources, causing no harm to the environment. Silk, recycled polyesters, and organic cottons are some of the key materials in the making of NoMiNoU. We are loving the akoya shells (that were collected from Japan) that Smith uses as buttons.

So why are Smith’s designs so unique? You can find inspirational quotes placed strategically on the clothing that empower women and remind them of their individuality. Smith’s upbringing was a catalyst for the production of the line, and she was raised in a liberal household where she was free to express her individuality and spirituality. The line speaks for this, and it is a representation of freedom and trust in your own inner voice.

NoMiNoU is a wearable artwork. The pieces tell a beautiful story; life brings gifts that allow for boundless opportunities, that is, if we are willing to take risks.


Image Credit: NoMiNoU Designs