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By Nichola Zed, Travel Editor

A retreat for lovers of nature and those who need to escape, Sarinduana Eco Lodge lays on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in central Bali.

It is a short walk from the beautiful Batukaru rainforest and has stunning views from each of the bungalows. Sabinbuana Eco Lodge employs land management strategies and systems to protect the environment, uses sustainable waste management systems, saves water, serves organic food to guests, supports biodiversity and protects native fauna and flora. Each of the beautiful bungalows have been handcrafted to complement the tropical organic gardens. A highlight to your stay there is to taste “real” Balinese food made from traditional spices grown in the lodges’ gardens. Guests can choose to engage in workshops, guided trekking and walks, mountain biking, motorbike tours, massage and yoga, enjoy traditional Balinese cultures, birdwatering, animal feeding and meeting monkeys. Sarinbuana Eco Lodge offers an experience in nature immersed in an alive and inspiring culture, which gives an unrivaled understanding of Balinese life. Sabrinbuana Eco Lodge has become a leading example of Eco Tourism in Bali.

Mount Batukaru
Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia