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By Kim Biel, Health & Wellness Editor

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Ok, so I took a bit of license to coin my own term for all the lovers of Donna Gates and her Body Ecology Diet (BED).

In fact, I think my next step has to be the food truck plastered with a picture of Donna completely immersed in a huge bed of organic vegetables! Best part of this wonderful vision is that Donna Gates is 68 years old! This is a woman who walks her talk, and who incidentally does not have a grey hair on her head, thanks to years of eating a sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free diet enhanced by her own relentless research on probiotics, and the rejuvenating effects of alkaline and fermented foods.

Teaching how to rebuild our immunity, while improving our digestion is Donna Gates’ forte. A decomposing food version of the swirling, toxic dump that floats in the North Pacific also exists in our own bodies! Donna teaches how to “flip the switch” to empty and cleanse our own human garbage disposal by introducing millions of essential friendly bacteria and alkaline foods, and educating us about the importance of food combining, eating for your own body and its blood type, and principles of balance.

Yes, you can certainly order her products online, and I covet ALL of her probiotic drinks, (Coco Biotic, Innergy Biotic & Dong Quai), or learn to make coconut kefir and fermented vegetables yourself. Check out Donna’s videos online on how to make your own coconut kefir probiotic drink and fermented vegetables for 1/3 of the price you will pay in the health stores.



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PHOTO CREDIT: Body Ecology