By Jillian Baumgartner, Contributing Editor


I am constantly looking for the next best thing in skincare, and I’m fully satisfied with this miracle potion. Inconsistency in skin condition can be frustrating, and Renū KPS keeps your skin looking radiant on a daily bases.

Consisting of argon, coconut, and olive oils, the orange-tinted product has a distinct botanical smell that invigorates the senses. Less is more, and a dime sized dollop thoroughly covers your needs. The texture is smooth and the cream is light weight. Effective as a serum and a moisturizer in one, my skincare routine has simplified since I started using Keeki’s Renū cream.

After suffering from hormonal acne, I have dealt with the emotional repercussions that it produces. Renū KPS cream has made a tremendous progression in fading these unfortunate reminders off of my face. Within a week, areas around my scars have started to lighten and literally peel off. The cream regenerates new skin, making your face glow and appear supple and hydrated.

Inflammation and redness are extremely difficult areas to tackle when it comes to skin care. After applying KPS for a week, I noticed that my face was less swollen and that my overall complexion was normalizing. The redness was also finally going away after daily application of the serum. I also wake up in the morning with more rested, rejuvenated skin. The texture of my face is softer, which  allows for easier makeup application. Made up of organic oils, Renū is safe for children, pregnant women, and cancer patients, and does not leave you reading every ingredient wondering what you are really putting on your skin.

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