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By Kelly Calagna, Managing Editor

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Roald Dahl is a household name, known for his beloved children’s books that inspire generation after generation with their unparalleled charm and imagination. However, now we are graced with another Dahl making waves for betterment in this world–Roald’s 26 year old granddaughter, Phoebe.

Beyond being an Instagram sensation with her fiancé, Ruby Rose, Phoebe Dahl recently released the summer pieces for her philanthropic fashion line, Faircloth & Supply. Articles of her previous collection relaunched into Urban Outfitters earlier this year, and there has been a media buzz in anticipation for what the Los Angeles native would come out with next.

Dahl’s inspiration for starting Faircloth & Supply was fed by her desire to spread women’s empowerment, which is visually represented in the clothing’s unfitted, oversized, masculinity-meets-femininity designs.

But what makes Dahl’s vision so inspiring is her reach beyond the fashion world, across the boarders of Nepal, where she is giving young girls a chance at having a brighter future. Dahl stated, “I found that the root of [empowerment] is education. One of the girls told me that she wears her [school] uniform around her village even when she’s not going to school. Because if you are wearing a uniform, you are telling everyone that you are educated and that you have hope ahead of you, so the traffickers just won’t approach you.”

tumblr_nme7fbFKfa1sg4fp2o1_1280With this knowledge, Faircloth & Supply partnered with nonprofit General Welfare Pratisthan, and pledged with every purchase to donate two uniforms, school supplies, and a one-year scholarship for a girl to attend school.

Some of Dahl’s collection can be found at Urban Outfitters, or you can learn more at fairclothsupply.com.


Photo Credit: Faircloth & Supply