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By Kelly Calagna, Managing Editor

An adventure junky’s best friend.

I’m active, I exercise every day—run, cycle, hike, paddle board—I work hard, I play hard, and I strategically nourish my body with sustenance that will aid me in maintaining my on-the-go lifestyle. For me a key element each day is a banana; whether it’s plain, with peanut butter, on my oatmeal, or blended in my daily smoothie, a banana makes an appearance in my diet. The potassium in a banana aids hydration, while warding off muscle cramps and bloating.

The only beef I have with the golden fruit is that it is sensitive. It bruises, it browns, it gets squished on most adventures. So when I was introduced to Barnana, it appeared to be a Godsend.

Barnanas chewy prepackaged dehydrated bananas, ready to go on any escapade. Each little bag packs three to four bananas. Beyond the traditional flavor, there is apple cinnamon (which tastes just like banana bread) and coconut, and they additionally come coated in a peanut butter, chocolate, or expresso glaze. The expresso with banana may sound a little out there, but surprisingly, it was my favorite. All-organic, no GMOs, and fair trade, this Brazilian banana creation is everything we love.

Barnana is the brainchild of Brazilian native and retired professional triathlete, Caue Suplicy. His father used to make the chewy super snack for him as a kid, and Caue brought the snack with him to America as he competed across the country. At the positive responses of other athletes and friends, Caue devoted himself to developing the high-potassium snack with a belief in sustainable, organic whole foods.

Learn more at barnana.com