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By Kelly Calagna, Managing Editor

Starbucks has always been a company associated with green—from their iconic mermaid, to their smocks, to their bold logo, But there is even more green to starbucks than meets the eye. Starbucks has long held sustainability initiatives behind the scenes, making an admirable effort to lessen their impact on the planet.

SBX20101027_9723_comp_200_r1.JPGOne such effort is their $1 reusable cup, use of which saves cups, lids, and a dime from each beverage purchase. It’s an inexpensive way for customers to make a difference. The cup, available in “tall” or “grande,” is recommended for 30 uses, and baristas will even sanitize it before each refill. Once the one buck cup is worn out, it can be thrown in the recycling bin. The design of the cup is intended to look just like the company’s iconic white cups—sporting everything from the symbolic green mermaid to the order boxes, because as Starbucks’ Director of Environmental Impact, Jim Hanna states, “The iconic white cup is our billboard.” Also, for some people, holding a classic Starbucks cup is part of an image they want to maintain.

Starbucks_Coffee_Mugs_Apron.JPGAnother initiative Starbucks is starting to push to the forefront of customers’ minds is the use of their ceramic mugs. Little do most customers know, but you can ask your barista to have your coffee “for here,” and they will provide your drink in a homey ceramic mug. This “for here” option will save paper cups, plastic lids, and cardboard sleeves from being used extraneously by customers enjoying their beverages within the store.

You can get yourself a one buck cup in stores, and if you want  to learn more about Starbucks’ many other sustainability efforts, click here.


PHOTO CREDIT: Starbucks Media

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