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By Nichola Zed, Travel Editor


Watching the sun set, drinking in pure coconut water, listening to wave after wave roll across a private beach of crisp white sand–my mind is awash with color, flavor and sound. I think to myself, ‘Surely this is a dream.’

But it is not a dream, it’s Koh Samui, The Island of 1000 stories. So off you are, looking for your own tale to tell, let the jewel of Thailand’s crown seduce you with her charm.

Thailand enticed me as a destination because of its bohemian soul and majestic beauty. Koh Samui is an island 35km northeast of Surat Thani and surrounded by 60 other islands it makes up the Ang Thong Marine National Park.

The first destination on this incredible adventure was the Akaryn Resort and Spa. The Akaryn, is a brother and sister’s dream seaside retreat surrounded by pristine beaches–a place where life is unhurried. As soon as you walk into the open reception and look across the spacious view, it’s obvious that this resort understands luxury.

This five star resort is located on the beautiful and secluded Hanuman Bay, facing southeast for exceptional sunlight exposure. The name of
the resort means the unseen and untouched ray of light. Each of the villas is private; mine was complete with a view of the ocean from the balcony. There are four superb restaurants to choose from and the open pools are a glorious place to retreat to.

For a completely different experience, no less extraordinary, try the Akyra–located on the trendy and bustling Chaweng Beach. The Akyra features beautifully appointed rooms and a charming pool bar. Here patrons can lie by the beach, offered table service from the helpful, and sometimes cheeky, staff.

You have a choice of room or suite at the Akyra, both comfortable and chic. The resort includes the Ayurah Salon and Massage by the beach, along with yoga and meditation rooms for those ‘in the zone.’

Akaryn and Akyra encourage patrons to join them with green initiatives, they follow the rules of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rank, Recycle and Reward.

Learn more at akaryn.com


PHOTO CREDIT: Akyra Chura Samui