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By Kelly Calagna, Managing Editor

In its first year on the market the i3 has deservingly won the Green Car of the Year Award for 2015. With its zero fuel emissions and sustainable production in a wind turbine powered factory, this little car is everything one would expect from a green machine—except perhaps its impressive athleticism.

The new BMW’s unique car-meets-SUV look stands out as a face of innovation in the slowly cultivating market of environmentally responsible vehicles, and while the i3’s appearance may not be the conventional BMW body style, behind the wheel its speed and tight handling is all Beamer. With a body made of extremely light, yet endurably strong carbon fiber, 170 all-electric horse power, and 184 lb-ft of torque, the little i3 can do zero to 60 in about 7 seconds. Quick in the accelerator and sporty in the turns, it’s a smart ride for work and play.

It’s exciting to have such a big player in auto luxury like BMW joining the world of sustainability with their greener vehicle options. One should never have to sacrifice refined tastes for something that is better for the planet, and that is just what BMW is proving with their sharp i3 coupe and sexy i8. Now drivers can put the petal to the medal with a lot less guilt.

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