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By Star Noor, Features Editor

“Wearing responsibility for big blue,” is what RAW For The Oceans is all about. A collection of innovative jeans made from the ever-accumulating and highly dangerous plastic waste, one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. 

“We had never used Bionic Yarn to make denim before, but we knew who we wanted to do it with,” he explains of the collaboration with G-Star, “We knew [they were] the best match for the challenge. Making the world’s first of anything is never easy and they are the experts in denim innovation.” This innovative spirit and persevering optimism is the core sensibility of RAW for the Oceans and the man who has helped bring style to plastic waste. “I’m a musician, but I also consider myself a public servant,” he self-appoints.

PHARRELL2_web.jpg Initially inspired by his many travels around the world, Pharrell came to the epiphany that all of the Earth is home to all of us and that he must take decisive action to protect her. The procurer of all things progressive, he turned to fusing his love for our planet and his love of looking forward to help bring to the world a way of literally being wrapped up in saying what you mean. “RAW for the Oceans is more than a collection that helps the environment. The solution to ocean plastic is built-in. Everyone shops so why not simultaneously make a wider impact?” 



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Photography by G-Star Raw