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By Star Noor, Features Editor

There’s a SHFT happening in consumer consciousness with the creation of a hub for proactive persons who want a better way of forming their lifestyles.


SHFT was started by producer Peter Glatzer and actor/filmmaker Adrian Grenier, sharing a concern about climate change and a belief that art, design, food, and film are powerful tools to be used in creating change. For Grenier and Glatzer SHFT was a way to tell their story in the percolating permutation of consumerism and help move along the already changing scenery of conscious living. “We believe in moments of small-scale change leading to change in a large way. As individual consumers, we all play a very important role, not only in the larger economy, but more specifically in influencing what companies build and how their manufacturing process effects the environment,” explains Grenier. “We felt that a lot of the environmental cause-based movements were so extreme and inaccessible that they mostly alienated the masses. We believe that true change requires the majority of people—not just a marginalized minority of extreme environmentalists.”

According to Grenier this is a task best accomplished through communication and education; “Part of the problem is the ambiguity of the science of sustainability.” “What we’re doing at SHFT is breaking these concepts down into very accessible units that people can act on; we are trying to allow people to get excited about the inspirational qualities of the ‘sustainable’ lifestyle so that it doesn’t become a chore. We don’t believe that any one person should feel as if they should take the weight of the world on their shoulders—we all do that together.”

Grenier has also joined forces with filmmaker Joshua Zeman to create 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World, a documentary about the Lonely Whale (aka “52 Hertz”), who communicates at a frequency other whales can’t hear. The project was on Kickstarter, and in the last 24 hours of its campaign the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation made a $50,000 donation, which allowed the project to meet its funding goal. “This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to share more news with the community,” states a thankful Grenier.

Look out for Grenier in the hotly anticipated big-screen version of his hit TV show, Entourage, in theaters on June 5th.


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PHOTO CREDIT: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock.com