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 By Fiona Tedds, Deputy Editor

With the premiere of Alison Chernik’s new documentary The Artist Is Absent at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, we revisit an exploration of the brand of Maison Martin Margiela from our Issue TRASH’D!

If there is one fashion house in the world that can be described as having cult status, it is Maison Martin Margiela. No other label has the combination of intellectual, artistic vision married into a style that transcends trend-driven fashion. Margiela exists outside the realm of commercial fashion; it is worn and collected by those who not only appreciate the workmanship that goes into such extraordinary pieces of clothing, but also understand an aesthetic that is derived from an ethos of glorious deconstruction….

But it is the recent appointment of the controversial designer John Galliano to lead the house that is rocking the fashion world. Galliano has always been a showman, happy to give interviews and comfortable bowing for the cameras. What is going to happen at the house that has always traded on the ’cult of impersonality’ is debatable. Time will tell whether Galliano is comfortable to take a more low-key role at the brand or whether the house will look to Galliano to steer it in an entirely new direction–one defined by the man himself.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Maison Margiela